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MEET THE WRITER: The Author's Introduction And Note

Okay, lets get something straight here: 1). This book is nonfiction, even though it's about the British entertainment's favorite fictional supercouple 2). It's not about a soap opera (I wish it was), and 3). Obviously, the reason for writing this book is for two main reason—I love Naomily and I am 100% passionate about writing stories. Anyways, this secondary Naomily writer's name is Elisa Rosario, who's a PDD-NOS autistic trying to be a good person while keeping my autism to keep the special spark I had inside me, an aspiring writer, a hopelessly devoted Naomily shipper and an avid supporter for the gay community, newfound blogger-in-training, creative and weirdly artistic fanshipper, and a lover of everything entertainment-related, like mostly books, sometimes plays (Yes, I'm a sucker for Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet), music, TV shows, and movies. Mostly media, and I also love getting knowledge of what's happening on the daily entertainment news either on FOX News and/or on the Internet, but only IF there's something interesting on there. Although I never liked going to the movie theater anymore, I found out that it seems best for me that I would rather watch movies alone by myself than with everyone else since I realized that I can get unconditionally uncomfortable around people because of how the film can affect someone emotionally—whether it's happy, sad, angry, or scared; you name it—and it does make feel sort of unnerving seeing anyone's emotions. Same goes with my parents but I'll still love them no matter what and no matter how withdrawn I am of watching films with one or both of them. Also, there are some films (same thing for the TV shows I watch) that I don't want anyone—and I mean ANYONE—to know about them. While the reason why is that there are some obvious reasons why, it's only because what I watch (TV and movie) is like really my most favorite and I don't really like to tell anyone about it because my most 1# favorite is extremely personal (including the basics like Silver Linings Playbook, Arrested Development, Skins, Scream—don't ask—Orange Is The New Black, Obvious Child—yes, I had warmed up to the film—Valentine's Day....Juno.....I can't really talk about it). So I did told you about it. Is that normal? Anyways, um, moving on. Being an entertainment fanatic is sort of cool but it sometimes has its consequences. Mostly for me. Well, I always like to watch films regardless of what its rating says even though, from the past, I was more cautious of the motion picture's rating system, avoiding something that is inappropriate. That also goes for video games, TV shows, apps, books (it sometimes has warning labels if it does) and fanfiction, and music (only two labels—"explicit" in red and "clean" in grey). Bored of my ways of being safe from the "bad things" of my favorite entertainment—films and TV—I felt that it was time to come out of my comfort zone and just watch something that's there. Luckily, I never watch anything that I think is over the top to me and I watch it in secret because I never wanted everyone else to find out. And that's how I began to watch Skins.

What's Skins?

Skins is a British teen drama that is mostly seen on E4 (Channel 4). Created by father-and-son team Bryan Elsley and Jamie Brittain, it ran from January 2007 until August 2013 and and is most known for its controversial reputation for pushing the boundaries and its storylines that include mental illness, sexuality, substance abuse, and somewhat violence. Despite the content, it became popular anyways. The show is about teenagers in Bristol, a city in southwestern England, in two years of sixth form—a British way of saying equivalent of junior and senior year in high school—while dealing with their vices only a teenager would go through but more different in the post-modern British life. In Skins, they have three generations each containing two seasons in which each different casts are biennially replaced after every two years. In Generation One, it has Series 1 and Series 2. In Generation Two, it has Series 3 and Series 4. And In Generation Three, it has Series 5 and 6. In 2011, during the Skins Period, the creators of the show decided to make an American remake on MTV but cancelled it after one season since it did not received so well with viewers because of its deception of sexual content and has been accused for child pornography since some of the actors/actresses of the remake are under 18 years of age. Turns out that Skins is more popular in the UK than it is in the U.S. Also, I believe that England can be rebellious on the inside while it's royal (and by that I mean strict) outside and while U.S. looks rebellious on the outside, it's strict on the inside. Of course, I never really heard about the TV show until I landed on it when I was trying to find a TV show with an actress I know on Netflix, and so, I chose Skins by mistake. That happened about 2 years ago, and it made me feel really embarrassed and mostly shocked because of something that I saw there that I can't unsee. I then made a resolution to myself; never watch Skins for as long as I live. Since at that time, I was very resentful of the TV show for its content, especially that, after having knowledge of the TV's own rating system, I found out about its own TV rating. I thought my no-Skins resolution was going great but I second-guessed myself when in mid-August 2013, the event in which on the fifth where Skins had ended, I had developed an interest in a certain couple from the show. A couple called Freffy. As in Freddie McClair and Effy Stonem. The characters of Skins, the TV show I was against. When I first saw them through an unspecified picture of them that I spotted while surfing the Internet, unbeknownst to me that it belonged to Skins, I wasn't impressed with seeing it out of the blue but I got quickly tempted by them because of their adorably sweet purity and broken-but-still-Aphrodite-ishly beautiful outside and inside of this picture. I never knew any TV couple would be this beautiful. Super adorable? Yes. I thought it was that some couples like them have Type 3 Passion (an romantic combination of benevolence, purity, and—top of the list—commitment) but either way I loved that couple the first time I layed eyes on that picture. To find out more about this couple, I decided to look it up on Google–with using the word "Freffy" as it was seen on the picture. But when the results came up, I was shocked to learn that "Freffy" belonged to Skins. Nevertheless, I fell in love with them anyways. While secretly fanshipping the couple, I constantly worried about that if I fanshipped Freffy a lot, it would make me want to watch Skins, and I never wanted that to happen, so I had to abstain from Freffy but it was hard for me because I love that couple to death that I never wanted to stay away from it. So, I eventually let my guard down. The best case scenario is that it introduced me to other couples I never knew; Ceffy (its twin and somewhat rival whom I try not to be interested in), Pandora and Thomas (they're okay), a few Generation One couples such as Sid and Cassie, Tony and Michelle, Sid and Michelle, Tony and Maxxie (they had somewhat of a two-part fling), Chris and Jal, and also a few Generation Three couples; Liv and Matty, Nick and Alex, a love triangle of Franky and the two Levan brothers (Nick and Matty), Mini and Franky (they're not exactly a couple but people still consider them one), Mini and Alo, and Rich and Grace (which I had mistaken them for a unknown couple on a MTV music video). But there is one couple from Generation 2, just like Freffy, Ceffy, and Pandora/Thomas, but not entirely based on either of the relationships. But like both Freffy and Ceffy, it is the popular couple of all of the Skins series. And that couple is called Naomily.

What's Naomily?

Naomily is the couple of Naomi Campbell and Emily Fitch that is the queen couple of season 3 and season 4 in Skins. They met when they were about 12 years old and Naomi had been in love with her ever since but never really talked about it. She had been very lonely even though she is philophobic (fear of falling in love) but tries to hide it with a mask of sarcasm. Now that they met again at Roundview College (which is like a high school to me), Naomi tried to deny the feelings for her but couldn't, and then in the episode before the season 3 finale, Emily admitted that she loves girls but loves Naomi the most and became a couple for reals. After this, their popularity (that was growing a little bit throughout the third season) escalated from small to big and that's how they became the queen couple. Although, during part one in Skins' second generation, Naomily had a fair share of controversy after Emily slept with JJ (initials for Jonah Jeremiah) in the so-called "once-only charity event" when previously, before this, she slept with Naomi. Some people were ticked off while others stuck up for the pairing, claiming that it was a stupid one-night stand and that it will never happen again. Those others were right since, in Series 4, JJ had fallen in love with a minor character named Lara Lloyd, whose a single mom with an infant son. Besides, it's good to hear that Naomily had made it up for their fans since episode 9 of Series 3. Everyone thought everything was going great between Naomily and couldn't wait for Series 4 to come so they could see their favorite couple again after the painfully long wait that took like a year. However, in 2010, the year that season 4 began, their relationship became turbulent. Apparently, on episode 2, they discovered a shocking secret that no one else believed that it would happen until now—Naomi cheated on Emily with a girl named Sophia, who had committed suicide by (literally) taking a fall at a party while she was high on MDMA, which Naomi had sold her that before the party even started. Fans were worried about them, angry about the infidelity, but also sad that Naomily is as strained as a bent piece of metal and feared that they might break up when it looked like they did despite living together. They had their fingers crossed to hope for Naomily to resolve their differences. Luckily, they still have feelings for each other but still have thoughts on whether or not if they should forgive each other. In episode 8 (aka the season 4 finale and the final chapter of the second generation), after Naomi and Emily had an argument to end all arguments, they finally reconciled after Naomi admits to truly loving Emily but is afraid of the emotional hold Emily has on her so she tries to make it small without hurting her feelings. Now that was resolved everything, Naomily continued their relationship in loved-up bliss that people hope would be like that forever. Even though in the final season of Skins—the seventh season—when Naomi was diagnosed with cancer in "Skins Fire", an episode that centers on Effy Stonem, I know that Naomily will still be strong no matter what. I know that love can be a bit rocky, and it does have some scary things in it, but if you REALLY love someone the most, then you'll be brave enough to overcome the adversity. I think Emily really does see something special in Naomi; that despite being Naomi being standoffish, feisty and sarcastic, she is a vulnerable and lonely person who wants to be with someone she feels very comfortable with. Someone to laugh with, to live with. And most of all, to love. But she's afraid of the big emotional milestones in a relationship, messing up, and being rejected that she's tries to do something to lessen it so it'll be easy to settle without hurting someone's feelings, even if it sometimes might cause a misstep that can cause emotional pain. I know how the crippling fear of rejection hurts so bad you want to crawl into a hole and hide, but the only solution that'll help is to talk your problems with one another so that way, you won't hurt anyone. Shaky though, but it'll do.