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Unseen Skins are a series of canonical online-exclusive mini-episodes that are used to add extra exposition on both the episodes and the Series they pertain to.

For every Series except for Series 3, each mini-sode is released on the day after an episode is broadcast on E4.

In Series 3, the character video diaries functionally replaced Unseen Skins, with the mini-sodes instead being flashbacks or sidestories that are not connected to any specific episode.

In Series 5, instead of solely video mini-sodes, Unseen Skins included music, photos, twitter feeds, stories, and blog posts.

Series 1

# Title Release Date (Online) Main Episode
1 "I Mostly Do" January 26 2007 "Tony"
Fresh from the clinic 'New' Cassie meets Michelle, steals a wedding dress, agrees to shag Sid at Tony's party that night and decides "nasty people don't count". It's all in a day's work...[1]
Unseen Skins - "Mostly I Do"
2 "Careers Advice" February 2 2007 "Cassie"
The Careers Advisor tries to find the key to unlock Chris, Jal and Sid's ideal job, with limited success. Jal's off to the Royal Academy, Sid's hobbies include 'Michelle', and Chris? He has dreams! "Do you think 'Renaissance Man' sounds a bit wanky?"[2]
Unseen Skins - "Careers Advice"
3 "Shoot 'Em Up Bang Bang Props To The Hood" February 9 2007 "Jal"
Radiographic Record Jockey Master Stuart Elmore ESQ, proves to be less than amenable to Bristol’s Urban youth, when Lynton and Ace perform their debut orchestral movement live on GWR.[3]
Unseen Skins - "Shoot 'Em Up Bang Bang Props To The Hood"
4 "A Friend In Need" February 16 2007 "Chris"
Who needs money to buy clothes, when you can talk your fellow students into giving you theirs? Cassie gets a shirt to clothe the naked Chris, but who has the sex appeal to literally charm the pants off Georgie; Michelle or Maxxie...[4]
Unseen Skins - "A Friend In Need"
5 "Careers Advice II" February 23 2007 "Sid"
Josie the Careers Adviser is still struggling to apply for her dream job of being a carer, so much so she seeks Sid’s advice. Meanwhile, Anwar and Tony’s first options of being a Ninja and Elvis aren’t opening any doors, although Michelle proves to have a gifted tongue... [5]
Unseen Skins - "Careers Advice II"
6 "To Russia With Love..." March 2 2007 "Maxxie and Anwar"
Chris is in crisis; he’s in love with Angie and sees the school trip to Russia as the ideal opportunity to make his move. The only problem is he needs to get £700 by tomorrow to pay for it. Salvation lies in the capacious 36DD bosom of Kathy Barry – the UK’s biggest porn actress, star of Dirty English Bitches and Saturday Night Beaver, and the girl of Anwar and Sid’s dreams...[6]
Unseen Skins - "To Russia With Love..."
7 "The Cat & The Duck" March 9 2007 "Michelle"
Armed with nothing but a skin full of shots and some porcelain animals, Jal and Michelle head out on the pull. The question is, would you rather stroke the pussy or fuck the duck?[7]
Unseen Skins - "The Cat & The Duck"
8 "Pop" March 16 2007 "Effy"
With a cigarette in hand and a story to tell, Effy's slowly becoming bonkers...will it cause her to finally pop?
Unseen Skins - "Pop"
9 "Bye" March 23 2007 "Series Finale"
It's Cassie's final night is Bristol. With her friend from the therapy center, how will she ultimately say goodbye?
Unseen Skins - "Bye"

Note: All the mini-sodes fill in a narrative gap somewhere in the timeline from the episode it correlates to.

Series 2

# Title Release Date (Online) Main Episode
1 "Auditions" February 12 2008 "Tony and Maxxie"
Everyone wants to be in the college musical, though nobody’s quite sure what it’s about...[8]
Unseen Skins - "Auditions"
Note: Although Aimee-Ffion Edwards appears in a non-speaking role, it has never been confirmed if she was in fact playing Lucy.
2 "Michelle's Looking for a Date" February 19 2008 "Sketch"
Michelle's mum has churned through yet another husband and is moping around the house, so Michelle has taken it upon herself to post an ad on Watch out men, these ladies are a handful.[9]
Unsenn Skins - "Michelle's Looking for a Date"
3 "Anwar and Sketch's Date" February 26 2008 "Sid"
Sketch and Anwar go out on a date and play at being grown ups in an Italian restaurant. It's amazing what you can do with spaghetti.[10]
Unseen Skins - "Anwar and Sketch's date"
4 "Sketch's Video Diary" March 4 2008 "Michelle"
Sketch delivers her ode to Maxxie, and overdoes it somewhat on the make-up front... [11]
Unseen Skins - "Sketch's Video Diary
5 "Tony's Nightmare" March 11 2008 "Chris"
Tony can't sleep. And when he does, his dreams are, well his dreams are nightmares. The kind that make you wake up screaming.[12]
Unseen Skins - "Tony's Nightmare"
6 "Anwar's second dating blog: Sketch" March 17 2008 "Tony"
Anwar posts the second of his dating video blogs, this time the lucky lady under scrutiny is Sketch.[13]
Unseen Skins - "Anwar's second dating blog: Sketch"
7 "Cassie's Dark Dates" March 25 2008 "Effy"
What does Cassie do when the rest of the world is coupled-up? She goes out on her own dates. Dates on the dark side.[14]
Unseen Skins - "Cassie's Dark Dates"
8 "A cycological romance" April 1 2008 "Jal"
Maxxie and James are destined to be together. If only they could reach each other's minds...[15]
Unseen Skins - "A cycological romance"
9 "Chris' Final Message" April 8 2008 "Cassie"
Did Chris believe in God? Well, who knows, but he posted the Almighty One a message online before he died. Surely even the Almighty One's on Facebook.[16]
Unseen Skins - "Chris' Final Message"

Note: Most the mini-sodes fill in a narrative gap somewhere in the timeline from the episode it correlates to. However, for the ones that don't, the events that take place in them are usually referenced or discussed in later episodes.

Series 3

# Title Release Date (Online) Main Episode
1 "Wurst Case Scenario" December 19 2008 N/A
Pandora's got to work during the holidays to earn her keep now she's gone and grown pubic hair. As Pandora's Effy bestest and only friend, she decides to keep her company, for her own amusement of course.[17]
Unseen Skins - "Wurst Case Scenario"
2 "Last Bus" December 26 2008 N/A
We've all been there - you've missed the last bus, you've got no money and it's freezing. Cook, JJ and Freddie are there right now...[18]
Unseen Skins - "Last Bus"
3 "The Pact" January 8 2009 N/A
The twins when they were nine years old is a rather disturbing package - The Shining anyone? 'Never ever ever thieve, love each other don't deceive...' Not sure they stuck to their pact completely.[19]
Unseen Skins - "The Pact"
4 "Welcome to Roundview" January 15 2009 N/A
Doug - the new head of year at Roundview - wants to welcome you all and the gang to Roundview college. And that includes you, Effy Stonem...[20]
Unseen Skins - "Welcome to Roundview"

Note: This is the only series where the character video diaries functionally replaced the Unseen Skins episodes. Instead, the mini-sodes served as flashbacks or sidestories that are not connected to any specific episode.

Series 4

# Title Release Date (Online) Main Episode
1 "Sophia" January 22 2010 N/A
This is a story about a girl...[21]
Unseen Skins - "Sophia"
2 "Three Musketeers" January 29 2010 "Thomas"
Love between these three holds no bounds. What's an STD between friends?[22]
Unseen Skins - "Three Musketeers"
3 "Naomily" February 5 2010 "Emily"
A unique and special look at Naomily. Because happy ever after only happens in rom coms...[23]
Unseen Skins - "Naomily"
4 "Cook" February 12 2010 "Cook"
Cookie calls the person he misses the most.[24]
Unseen Skins - "Cook"
5 "James Fitch" February 19 2010 "Katie"
James has a message for mom, dad and the bitches...[25]
Unseen Skins - "James Fitch"
6 "T-Love" February 26 2010 "Freddie"
Need help? Allow T Love to show you the way.[26]
Unseen Skins - "T-Love"
7 "Brizview Cinema" March 5 2010 "JJ"
JJ and Thomas need a job. And they're prepared for a bit of role playing if it helps...[27]
Unseen Skins - "Brizview Cinema"
8 "Effy" March 12 2010 "Effy"
Effy wakes up in hospital...[28]
Unseen Skins - "Effy"
9 "Pandora" March 19 2010 "Everyone"
Pandora needs help. But where on earth will she find someone with knowledge of the 1129 sheep tax riots?[29]
Unseen Skins - "Pandora"

Note: Most the mini-sodes fill in a narrative gap somewhere in the timeline from the episode it correlates to. However, for the ones that don't, the events that take place in them are usually referenced or discussed in later episodes.

Series 5

# Title Release Date (Online) Main Episode
1 "Rich and Alo: the zombopocolyse" January 21 2011 N/A
How will you survive when the zombies hit? Never fear, Rich and Alo's twitterathon will help.[30]
Unseen Skins - "Rich and Alo: the zombopocolyse"
2 "Franky's Film and Art" January 28 2011 "Franky"
Franky made a film. It's about getting to Bristol. It's really pretty. She also did other art. It too is pretty.[31]
Unseen Skins - "Franky's Film and Art"
3 "Napalm Death Exclusive Performance" February 4 2011 "Rich"
Remember when Napalm-fricking-Death were on Skins? It was ace. Here is their performance in full, totally exclusive for you lot.[32]
Unseen Skins - "Napalm Death Exclusive Performance"
4 "Mini's Friendship Quiz" February 11 2011 "Mini"
What kind of friend are you? Before you answer, take Mini's quiz... she'll tell you.[33]
Unseen Skins - "Mini's Friendship Quiz"
5 "Liv's Messy Night" February 18 2011 "Liv"
We all know Liv loves to tear it up - but we nicked this particularly messy night off of her twitpic account. Enjoy.[34]
Unseen Skins - "Liv's Messy Night"
6 "Nick's Guide to Being a Kick-Ass Captain" February 25 2011 "Nick"
Before Nick went crazy with a golf club and got well into partying he was a super-dedicated rugby jock, 'member?[35]
Unseen Skins - "Nick's Guide to Being a Kick-Ass Captain"
7 "Rich and Alo tear up Twitter" March 4 2011 "Alo"
Rich + Alo + Ryder + booze = one funny night. All caught on Twitter, nicked and put here for yoooou.[36]
Unseen Skins - "Rich and Alo tear up Twitter"
8 "Grace's Fairy Tale" March 11 2011 "Grace"
Grace's whole life is pretty much one long fairy tale - so it's only right she writes one of her own, eh?[37]
Unseen Skins - "Grace's Fairy Tale"
9 "Matty's EP" March 18 2011 "Everyone"
Matty makes music. You like music. Why not listen to his music then? Promise you, it's good.[38]
Unseen Skins - "Matty's EP"

Note: Most the mini-sodes fill in a narrative gap somewhere in the timeline from the episode it correlates to. However, for the ones that don't, the events that take place in them are usually referenced or discussed in later episodes.

Series 6

# Title Release Date (Online) Total
1 "Alo, Mini, Liv" January 9 2012 N/A
Alo has got some 'growing up' to do before he goes on holiday. Some real growing up. Luckily Mini and Liv are on hand to help him on his mission.[39]
Unseen Skins - "Alo, Mini, Liv"
2 "Nick and Rider" January 16 2012 N/A
Nick helps Rider do some last minute holiday packing...[40]
Unseen Skins - "Nick and Rider"
3 "Rich and Grace" January 23 2012 N/A
While the rest of the gang head off on holiday, Rich and Grace's zombie movie marathon gets a bit too real.[41]
Unseen Skins - "Rich and Grace"

Note: The mini-sodes are not connected to any specific episode. Instead they show what has happened in between Series 5 and Series 6.