The Thomas-Pandora Relationship refers to the romantic pairing between Thomas Tomone and Pandora Moon.

Their relationship is sometimes referred to by the fan-given nickname Tandora (taken from Thomas and Pandora).

Relationship History

Series 3

In "Thomas," Panda meets Thomas, a boy from the Congo, at a bus stop, who offers her doughnuts which
subsequently make her ill, and then he carries her back to Effy's home. They later begin a relationship after she invites him over to her aunt's house for tea, where Thomas finds a large supply of marijuana. Later on she attempts to have sex with Thomas, but soon are interrupted by the abrupt arrival of his mother who, shocked at his behavior, decides to send him back to Africa.

In "Pandora," heartbroken over Thomas' departure, Pandora awaits for his return.

Thomas returns from the Congo. Pandora cries in his arms as he embraces her.

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Later on, in JJ's episode, when JJ visits Cook , he see's Pandora leaving. Cook reveals later on that they've been having an affair since Pandora's episode. Unknown to her, Cook also tells Thomas about their affair when he is high. Thomas, however, doesn't tell Pandora that he knows, waiting to see if she will ever tell him.

In "Effy", Pandora wonders why Thomas seems to be acting distant from her. Later, when an uninvited Cook crashes their camping trip, he revealing to everyone that he has continued sleeping with Pandora. When she tries to tell Thomas that Cook is lying, he yells at her, telling her he already knew. Deeply hurt, he walks away leaving Pandora in tears.

In "Katie and Emily", Pandora goes to the dance by herself, but still wants to reconcile with Thomas (having stopped her affair with Cook). After begging one more time for forgiveness, and telling him that she still loves him, Thomas reintroduces himself (as if they never met). This means that they are going to start over, thus Pandora and Thomas get back together.

Series 4

In "Thomas", Although she and Thomas are back together, their relationship is becoming strained, because his mother doesn't like Pandora (thinking that she is corrupting her son). Thomas himself seems to question his relationship with her, as he feels she cannot identify with his culture and beliefs.

Not knowing that Thomas feels guilty about Sophia’s death and with accepting bribe money to keep silent, she is unsure why Thomas turns to religion and seems to be questioning what the gang does (telling her that drinking and sex isn't enough to make everything happy all the time). He eventually becomes attracted to the daughter of his church’s pastor, Andrea, and eventually sleeps with her, even though him and Pandora are not broken up.

After another confrontation, Thomas admits to cheating on Pandora and tells her that he wanted to. Deeply hurt, Pandora asks him why would he do something like that, to which he throws back in her face her affair with Cook the year before. Hurt and angry that Thomas brings it up whenever they have problems, tells him to leave. Later, Thomas, feeling extreme remorse for what happened, goes to her house and begs for forgiveness, hoping they can start over (like they did when Pandora asked for forgiveness about Cook).

Pandora, however, tells him to leave and slams the door in his face. She then goes into the kitchen, where Effy (who everyone though was still in Italy) told her she did a good thing, because Thomas needs to know what he
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did was wrong.

In "Emily", Panda is seen briefly at another party dancing with many guys, as her way to show a still grieving Thomas that she is doing good without him.

In "Cook", Panda is shown to still be feeling hurt by Thomas' actions, and cries when JJ and Freddie attempt to console her (but inadvertently say the wrong things).

In "Katie", Thomas gets himself locked in Naomi's bathroom with Katie, Thomas admits he screwed up with Panda and Katie kiss him and tells him that Panda is stupid to not have to forgive Thomas.

In "Freddie", Panda is a guest at Effy's "goodbye party", and tells Freddie to find Effy (who appears to have gone missing) because she is worried about her. Thomas again tries to talk to her but she slaps him, pushes him against the wall, and kisses him and leaves.

In "Everyone", Pandora goes to visit Effy (along with Katie). They sing a song in honor of Effy's return to the gang (which Pandora composed). Later, she is seen to be cold to Katie, who she is jealous of due to her spending a bunch of time with Thomas (not knowing it is Thomas' plan to make Pandora jealous so he and Pandora can get back together).

However, unknown to them Pandora aced the rest of her A-Levels, including French thus could translate what Thomas was saying. Thomas, not knowing Pandora could understand him, was teaching Katie how to say dirty things in French.

At Freddie's shed party, she and Thomas awkwardly talk. Before she can say anything, he tells her that he is going to Harvard University on an athlete scholarship. Pandora grabs him hand and tells him that the news is exciting, as she decides not to tell Thomas and let it be a surprise. It is assumed their relationship was reaffirmed.