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Tea Marvelli[1] was a fictional character in the American adaptation of Skins, and was portrayed by Sofia Black D'elia.


Season 1

In "Tony" it is revealed that Tea is Italian.

In "Tea", Tea sleeps with Betty, a girl who had a boyfriend, after she invited her to Northern Soul, a lesbian night club. Tea also shows off a cocky ego as she always says "nobody ever matches up to me," However, Tony is able to match Tea, from then on Tony begins to develop a love for Tea. Tea then tries to mend her relationship with another lesbian named Betty throughout the rest of the season.

In "Cadie" she is seen making out with another girl at Michelle's party.

In "Abbud" Tea spends much time sorting out her possible feelings for Tony or Betty, and her "bestie" Abbud's feelings for her. After agreeing to just talk with Tony they end up having sex again but are walked-in on by Abbud, uncovering their secret affair.

In "Michelle" Michelle finds out Tony had repeatedly cheated on her, including with Tea. Tony passes on chlamydia to both girls and Michelle breaks up with both of them as a boyfriend, and best friend, respectively. She is cold towards them for the rest of the season.

During "Eura" she possibly mends her relationship with Betty and officailly cuts off her relationship with Tony.