Skins: The Novel is a series of novels that tie-in to the UK television show of the same name.

Both novels are canon, as the official xvideos site states that Skins: the Novel reveals "what the Skins lot got up to before their return to Roundview".[1] while the official E4 site also states that Skins: Summer Holiday reveals "what the Skins gang did last summer"[2], along with noting that the novel is written by Jess Brittain, daughter of Brian Elsley and sister of Jamie Brittain, the creators of the show.[3]

There are two novels in the series, one focusing on the "second generation" and one focusing on the "third generation".

Skins: The Novel

Skins: The Novel is a tie-in book written by Ali Cronin.

This novel follows the "second generation" over the course of the college summer break, bridging the gap between Series 3 and Series 4.

Almost none of storylines in the novel are directly referenced, though some of the impact from the storylines is integrated into Series 4.

The only direct reference is when Aldo, a character in the novel, is mentioned in "Freddie". While Anthea is away she leaves a telephone message for Effy and mentions that she's staying a little while longer in Italy with Aldo.

Plot Summary

Cook and Freddie are still moping over Effy while pretending not to. Each are sleeping with other girls and have a contest over it. Cook sleeps with more, but neither really win. JJ is caught in the middle as the referee.

Apparently, Freddie was the one who rejected Effy in favour of Cook. He obviously regrets this a bit but isn't ready to see her again, though he is obviously still in love. He makes a kind of peace with Katie over the Effy situation near the end of the book.

Cook is still acting crazy and hasn't changed, but you see he is vulnerable over Effy and still in love with her too. He's still very close to Freddie and JJ, even if there is tension with Freddie. He's also hanging out with Naomi, who makes it very clear she is just his friend and doesn't fancy him at all. In fact she feels sorry for him, while finding him either amusing or annoying.

Effy is in Italy with her mum on holiday. She's emotionally messed up with the guilt over the guys and pining a bit for Freddie. This causes her to develop a crush on some older man who she chases but he ends up sleeping with her mum instead. This makes her have an almost mini breakdown, but by the next day she's pretending everything is fine. Truth is she is scared to see Freddie again and of her feelings for him.

Katie is still messed up over the Freddie and Effy thing as well, so while in France with the Fitches, she is sleeping with loads of guys. Emily realises Katie is vulnerable and confronts about the sleeping around. They argue but then go to visit Paris together. While in Paris they end up arguing again, this time mostly over the gay issue and Naomily's relationship. Katie gets upset after the argument and runs off to Italy to see Effy.

In Italy, her and Effy talk a bit about Freddie and everything, but nothing is fully resolved. While they have a sort of understanding, they're still not friends as such. In fact Katie begins to feel sorry for Effy and thinks she's "a fruitloop". Seeing Effy like that makes Katie appreciate who she is and she feels a bit better, but is still insecure about herself. Her and Emily make up later on, and Katie admits she's jealous of what she and Naomi have. She calls a truce with Naomi by the end of the book.

JJ is just playing referee to Cook and Freddie, and also becoming friends with Thomas. Other than that he just wanted a girlfriend, but hasn't found one yet. Naomi it seems is fine with him after the Emily incident and tells him so.

Thomas is working all the time over the summer to support his mum and siblings. He and Pandora are full-on couple again. Though Pandora wants to sleep with Thomas, but he refuses. This sort of, though doesn't fully explain the Cook situation, but it seems Pandora thought that was what your supposed to do. Have sex as a teen. Thomas is still uneasy about having sex and the Cook thing, and tells her to slow down. Pandora tells her mum she's seeing Thomas and after a bit of angst, her mum begrudgingly accepts she's growing up and their relationship. Later in the book they finally sleep together and they finish it as a regular couple. He is still angry at Cook, even though they all hang out together as a group.

Naomi and Emily are very in love and have sex basically all the time. Emily is forced to go to France with her family on holiday and Naomi is left behind pining for her. Naomi is very comfortable with her sexuality other than when Cook makes gay jokes. She never seems to generally want to use labels, but she does call herself a lesbian near the end of the book. Emily knows about the past kiss with Cook, and is mostly fine about it, but doesn't like him flirting with Naomi. While moping about Emily, Keiron who is still with Gina, gives Naomi an application to Yale University. This makes her very confused over her future and where her love for Emily fits in. She's scared of the future and losing their relationship because of it.

Jenna Fitch is still in denial about Emily being gay and sees it as a phase which she will get over. Rob Fitch just seems indifferent. They both know Naomi and Emily are a couple, but Jenna blames Naomi for everything and hates her. Emily returns to the UK after the Katie drama in France, and her and Naomi continue with their loved up and sexed up ways. Though Naomi is scared to tell Emily about Yale, but while all the gang are at the pub, Cook is being a tosser so she blurts it out. Emily gets upset, and out of love and guilt Naomi says she won't apply. Emily knows she should have let her but she's gotten insecure and is scared of losing her. They finished a firmly in love couple but with that issue not fully resolved.

Skins: Summer Holiday

Skins: Summer Holiday is a tie-in novel written by Jess Brittain, daughter of Brian Elsley and sister of Jamie Brittain, the creators of the show.[5]

This novel follows the "third generation" over the course of the summer before their first year at Roundview.

Official Synopsis[6]

Want to know what happened to Mini, Liv, Grace, Alo, Rich and the rest of the Roundview crew the summer before the start of Series 5? With brand new, exclusive storylines this new Skins novel takes you on a rollercoaster journey from Bristol to Newquay and back again. Nothing and no one is quite what they seem ...