Skins: The Lost Weeks are a series of canonical online-exclusive mini-episodes that fill in the narrative gap between Series 1 and Series 2.

Each "mini-sode" was released daily on in the months leading up the premiere of Series 2.

It should be noted that although several of these videos bear the same name as a character video diary, they are two separate videos. [1]

The Lost Weeks

# Title Release Date (Online)
1 "Effy's Video Diary" December 18, 2007
Effy's video diary filmed in Tony's room, unchanged since the night of the accident... [2]
The Lost Weeks - Effy's Video Diary
2 "Skins Christmas Special" December 21, 2007
It's Christmas, which means another exclusive Skins video for you lot, here's the Skins Christmas Special from us to you. We assume our gift is in the post.[3]
The Lost Weeks - Skins Christmas Special
3 "Michelle's Video Diary" January 1, 2008
Michelle gets dressed and decides to film it. But why is she wearing so much black?[4]
The Lost Weeks - Michelle's Video Diary
4 "Sid's Message to Tony" January 8, 2008
Sid sends a recorded message to his best mate Tony. But can he hear what Sid has to say?[5]
The Lost Weeks - Sid's Message to Tony
5 "Cassie Hearts Sid" January 15, 2008
Cassie sends a video diary to Sid from Scotland. She hearts him, and she's counting the days and everything.[6]
The Lost Weeks - Cassie Hearts Sid
6 "Posh Kenneth Has a Secret" January 22, 2008
There’s a special someone who ladies man Posh Kenneth has his eye on. And he’s ready to reveal it...[7]
The Lost Weeks - Posh Kenneth Has a Secret
7 "Sid's Bedside Vigil" January 25, 2008
Whilst putting the hours in with his best mate Tony, Sid discovers one sided conversations are much easier when Anna Karenina is involved.[8]
The Lost Weeks - Sid's Bedside Vigil
8 "Anwar's Video Diary" January 31, 2008
Anwar's in love, but that won't stop his mission: to boldly go where no teenager has gone before...[9]
The Lost Weeks - Anwar's Video Diary
9 "Chris' Message to Angie" February 3, 2008
Chris sends Angie a message in Bavaria. He misses her! And wants her to know he strictly adheres to the Data Protection Act.[10]
The Lost Weeks - Chris' Message to Angie
10 "Messages to Tony" February 6, 2008
A very special message to Tony from Sid, Michelle and Chris.[11]
The Lost Weeks - Messages to Tony


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