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Naomi Campbell
General Information
Nickname(s): Naomes, Babe, Naomikins, Weirdo, Muff munching bitch
Gender: Female
Born: 1992
Age: 16-18 (series 3 & 4)
21 (series 7)
Status: Deceased
Died: 2013
Cause of death: Terminal cancer
Education: Roundview College (graduated)
Occupation(s): Student (formerly)
Stand-up comedian (briefly)
Family: Gina Campbell (mother)
Romances: Emily Fitch (girlfriend)
Sophia Morton (fling) †
James Cook (kissed)
Mandy (kissed)
Friends: James Cook (best friend/cover-up)
Effy Stonem (best friend/flatmate)
Pandora Moon
JJ Jones
Freddie McClair
Thomas Tomone
Katie Fitch
Enemies: Katie Fitch (formerly)
Series Information
First Appearance: "Everyone" (episode 3.01)
Centric Episode(s): "Naomi" (episode 3.06)
Last Appearance: "Fire: Part 2"" (episode 7.02)
Potrayed by: Lily Loveless

Naomi Rela Campbell is a fictional character in the television series Skins, and is portrayed by Lily Loveless.


Naomi is an idealist. Passionate, political and principled, she's the only one who still believes in anything.

Throughout the third and fourth series, Naomi's sexual orientation is left unlabeled, but inferred by things she says on more than one occasion. Though she does openly call herself a lesbian in the canon novel, if not actually on screen. And from series 4, she lets the other characters freely label her as such. After spending all of early series 3 stating she was straight, she almost has sex with Cook in her centric episode, but she halts it due to her unaltered feelings for Emily and her, at that point, unaccepted gayness. In the last episode of series 4, she admits that she fell in love with Emily when they were younger, but was afraid of Emily's effect on her and of loving a girl, so she messed around with boys to try to get rid of those feelings. Then, admits it had failed to do so.

Much of the third series is about Naomi dealing with her feelings for Emily and coming to terms with her sexuality. Up until "Pandora", Naomi maintains that she is straight and does not have feelings for Emily, who she knows is in love with her. However, in "Naomi", they share their first sexual experience. By the end of the series they both come out publicly as a couple.

Much of the fourth series deals with Emily and Naomi having problems with their relationship, mostly due to Naomi cheating on Emily while also having contrasting plans on whether they should go to University right after graduating or not. By "Everyone", their relationship is close to breaking point, but Naomi finally reveals her true feelings: that she had always loved Emily and that she is done running, and presents to her two tickets to travel after graduation, and thus she and Emily resolve their issues.

Character History

Series 3

In "Everyone", Naomi is first seen sitting in the school auditorium during an assembly. Katie points her out to Effy, stating that Naomi was "the lesbian that tried to get off with my sister". Cook sees her and tries to charm her but instead winds her up, by telling her that he'll show his genitals if she shows him hers. Raising her hand, she tells on Cook, saying that he wanted to show her something "innapropriate", causing the teachers to force Cook to show them, which he does.

Naomi in Series 3

In "Cook", she is invited to Cook's birthday party, much to Katie's chagrin. She begins to complain, asking why they "invited the lesbian", but Emily produces a cake, turning the attention away from Naomi.

In "Thomas", Emily admits that she came on to Naomi, not the other way around. She and Naomi almost kiss again, but Naomi leaves, telling Emily that she is straight, something Emily needs to accept.

In "Pandora", As Naomi and Emily arrive together, Naomi urges Emily to admit that she is gay, but Emily denies it. After calling Freddie for help, JJ goes into the house by himself and sees Emily and Naomi kissing. Katie, too, witnesses the pair kissing, but is interrupted when her footballer boyfriend, Danny Guillermo, and dozens of his friends arrive at the house to crash the party.

In "Naomi", it is shown that Naomi lives with her hippie mother Gina and fifteen other people in a communal living arrangement. Despite her liberal ideals, she is disgusted by this situation and regularly points it out to her mother, who seems unable to keep up with who's who. At college, she avoids Emily to meet with her Irish politics teacher Kieran instead; as he has lost his passion for his job, the college keeps sending him on useless motivational seminars, and seh sympathizes, as she is the only student who shows him any respect. In the students' common room, they are informed of the upcoming elections for Student President. Emily encourages Naomi to run for president, but Naomi refuses. She later comes across Cook, who tries to persuade her to have sex with him. She tells him that he has a better chance of winning the student elections, which he sees as a challenge and decides to register. Kieran walks her home at the end of the day and urges her to run in the elections, giving her a registration form; he reveals that he once gave running for politics a shot, and believes she is the best cantidate. When she arrives at her house, she finds Emily waiting in her bedroom with another registration form. Emily starts to leave when Naomi is rude and standoffish to her—despite taking Emily's advice to enter the elections—but confronts Naomi instead. She tells Naomi that, despite having kissed her twice previously, she is more interested in friendship than a sexual relationship with her, and Naomi invites her to stay for the night. Ironically, it is Naomi who turns the conversation back towards lesbian- related topics, once they become drunk.

When Naomi wakes up the following morning, she leaves Emily in her bed as she goes to college. At college, she sees the massive presidential campaign staged by Cook and JJ Jones. She launches her own campaign to rival Cook, but finds that most of her classmates' support is for Cook's anarchist ideas- although she does considerably better than the third cantidate, a conservative upper-class twit named Crispin. She is doubly humiliated in front of the form when Cook ridicules her and Emily subsequently stands up for her- causing Cook to mock Emily's obvious feelings for Naomi. She flees to Kieran for comfort but leaves him, shocked and disgusted, when he kisses her, having misinterpreted her reactions. She goes home and, after finding a note from Emily in her bed, cries herself to sleep. The next day, needing some form of stronger release, she calls Emily and asks if they can go somewhere.

Naomi and Emily share a kiss in Series 3

Naomi and Emily escape to the countryside the next day and cycle to one of Emily's favourite places by a lake. After swimming in the lake, they light a campfire and experiment with a joint. Naomi kisses Emily, and they proceed to have sex. Emily wakes up the following morning to find Naomi preparing to leave. She pleads for Naomi not to leave her a second time, and tells her that she should accept that she needs to be loved. Naomi returns home to find Kieran in bed with her mother, and leaves for college, devastated. She witnesses her teachers' rigging the votes to prevent Cook from winning, and reveals this to the form after she is announced the winner of the elections.

As his first presidential act, Cook starts a riot. In the ensuing chaos, Naomi sees Emily but, instead of talking to her, leaves. Naomi forgives Kieran and begins to have sex with Cook before she realises that it "isn't right". Cook relents so quickly she is surprised; in contrast to his earlier cruelty, he replies respectfully, "There's obviously another reason why you won't fuck me, and it's probably a good one, 'cause you're... y'know... clever." She leaves, with her and Cook now sharing a better understanding of each other. That night, she visits Emily's house, but Emily refuses to open the door, not wanting Naomi to see her after she had been crying. They sit on opposite sides of the door, and Naomi admits that she does need somebody to love her. Emily offers her hand through the door's catflap to Naomi, who finally reciprocates Emily's feelings.

In "Katie and Emily", at college, Naomi uncovers Emily's disguise (she took Katie's tests for her) and tells her that she plans to spend the summer alone in Cyprus. When Emily tells Naomi that she will miss her, they kiss in an empty corridor and later find themselves at Naomi's house where they have sex. Afterward, Emily asks Naomi to the college ball, but Naomi, still crippled by insecurity over her sexuality, refuses, leaving Emily heartbroken and angry that they are still "holding hands through a catflap". Later, Emily returns home and comes out to her family, telling them that she has been having sex with a girl named Naomi. The following morning, Naomi visits the Fitches' house, but Jenna answers the door. She confronts Naomi, convincing her that Emily is not gay and warning Naomi to stay away from her. Naomi too denies her sexual orientation and leaves hastily.

Katie intercepts one of Naomi's phone calls to Emily and tricks Naomi into meeting with her, where she reveals Emily's affair with JJ and warns Naomi not to come to the ball. As Katie, Emily, Freddie and JJ prepare to enter the ball, Naomi arrives anyway, announcing that she knows about Emily and JJ's fling before she walks in. An upset Emily leaves, while Katie attacks Naomi, where she reveals her deceit against her sister. Emily overhears Katie and attacks her in response.

After the fight ends, in front of everybody, Emily tells Katie that she is her own person and that she is in love with Naomi. Katie accepts Emily's individuality and sexuality, and Naomi, no longer ashamed of their relationship, extends her hand to Emily. The couple leaves the ball hand-in-hand and Naomi tells Emily that she loves her too.

Series 4

In "Thomas", she is present when the girl Sophia kills herself after taking MDMA. Although Thomas originally thinks Cook sold the drugs to Sophia, Naomi reveals that she did it (though Cook did give them to her), and begs him not to tell Emily.

In "Emily", The episode begins with Emily in Naomi's house, looking at her girlfriend's pictures. They are planning a trip to Mexico after college finishes. A package arrives containing a pair of goggles that Naomi has bought for Emily, telling her not to ever forget that she loves her. The couple uses Emily's moped and visits the Fitch house, where Rob Fitch is cleaning out the garage. Emily talks to her mother, Jenna Fitch who insist they have a conversation about Emily's future. Emily brushes her off, and rides off to Roundview college with Naomi- who launches Jenna a stinging parting shot.

The police turn up with more questions about Sophia's death, they are both called in to be interviewed. Their names were listed by the family as close friends of Sophia's, even though they'd never met her. Emily learns that Naomi was dealing powder the night of the suicide and sold some to Sophia to pay for the motorbike goggles she bought her. Emily quickly learns that Cook originally gave Naomi the MDMA and goes after him, but when he insists someone else gave their names to the police and suggests they just keep their heads down, Naomi insistantly agrees with him. Startled by her sudden, unusual willingness to keep secrets, Emily switches he suspicions back to Naomi.

Behind Naomi's back, Emily visits Sophia's family to find out more about the dead girl. She discovers that the Sophia claimed to be best friends with Naomi and Emily. While looking around Sophia's bedroom Emily discovers that Sophia was gay and she finds and takes a wooden box and a university prospectus with a key inside. She leaves and later, when flicking through the prospectus, she finds a photo of Sophia laughing with Naomi. She realises that Naomi did in fact know the dead girl and suspects that she might have cheated on her with Sophia.

Naomi in Series 4

Emily interrupts Naomi's class by slamming a picture of Sophia and Naomi taken at the University Open Day, making the latter walk out of class. The two argue about lying and Naomi admits that she indeed met Sophia at a University open day which she was attending behind Emily's back. She insists they just talked and that nothing had happened between them. Still a bit doubtful, Emily tells her about they key she found and Naomi believes it is for Sophia's locker at the army base. They go to the army base and open it and inside they find a shrine to Naomi. They discover that Sophia was infatuated with Naomi and Emily makes up with her, having sex with Naomi in an army storage closet.

After a fight with her mother over her sexuality, Emily moves in with Naomi and they seem to have put everything behind them. However, when they go to a party later on, Emily becomes suspicious again when Naomi starts talking to other girls.

At dawn, Emily takes Sophia's wooden box and goes back to the club where Sophia died to meet Sophia's brother to open up the box. Emily believes the box contains evidence that proves Naomi's affair with Sophia. Soon after Sophia's brother arrives, Naomi turns up and asks Emily to forget all about Sophia and Emily tells her that she can't leave it. Sophia's brother runs to roof and Emily follows him. Up on the roof they open the box and find Sophia's sketchbook. Through Sophia's drawings that depict her one day affair with Naomi, Emily finds out that Naomi did in fact cheat on her. A distraught Emily leaves the roof with Naomi crying and calling after her.

Emily talks to her dad about Naomi cheating and her dad tells her that he once cheated on Emily's mum, and that she should not worry as it gets better after its worse. Emily goes back to Naomi's house, reading a note on the front door saying, "I'll do anything". The episode ends with Emily walking through the front door, seemingly following her father's advice.

Naomi and Emily reunites in Series 4

In "Cook", Naomi and Emily are still together, but Emily clearly does not trust Naomi and the pain of this and her guilt over the Sophia issue is visible on Naomi's face. Cook visits Naomi who tells him they must deal with their guilt over Sophia. Later, having left after curfew with his little brother, he asks her for a place to shelter Paddy, to which she agrees. They talk, bonding over how they both love someone and how well they understand one another. He tells the police he sold Sophia the MDMA, taking the flak for Naomi. Cook accepts responsibility at his trial for assault. Which is then imprisoned for. It's unknown what punishment he will receive over the drug charges.

In "Katie", The Fitch’s house is repossessed and they are forced to move in with Naomi and Emily, whose relationship is strained. Perhaps because of the pain she is feeling at Emily's lack of trust, Naomi seems to be sinking into depression; Emily, perhaps interpreting this as grief for Sophia, is punishing her by spending her time out drinking with friends. At a BBQ party, Emily gets drunk and high and makes out with another girl, leading Naomi to admit to the group she slept with Sophia and sold her drugs. She tries to make things up to Emily, but Emily is too hurt by her family's condemnations on all sides to patch anything up, and flees in tears.

In "JJ", JJ lets Lara meet Naomi and Emily. Naomi is tentatively trying to renew her bond with her girlfriend, but Emily, somewhat stung by her humiliation in "Katie" has secretly started a friendship with a girl named Mandy. Upstairs, Emily tells JJ that Lara is using him to get back at her ex. JJ comments on Emily’s potentially damaging friendship with Mandy and about how she could destroy her relationship by contining to punish Naomi, who has apologized repeatedly, reducing her to tears.

In "Effy", Naomi visits Effy, asking her for advice on Emily. Effy says that Naomi should just imagine it never happened.

In "Everyone", Naomi (like the rest of the gang) believes Freddie had run away, not being able to deal with Effy's issues. Emily and Naomi's relationship is still rocky. Cook brings to Naomi's party his new girlfriend Arcia, who everyone calls "Effy 2.0". Later, she invites everyone for a drink and accidently calls Arcia "Effy", causing her and Cook to get in argument, with her leaving in a huff. The police then raid Naomi's house after Arcia tells the police were he is hiding. Earlier, Naomi (while drunk, and loudly remarking on the problems with her relationship) was confronted with Mandy, who has been crushing on Emily. Mandy(who up into that point, Naomi says she thought was straight) not only hits on Naomi but told her that she wanted Emily as well after Emily leaves in tears consumed by jealousy and anger at seeing Naomi drunkenly dancing with Mandy. Naomi slaps Mandy and kicks her out of the house. While she and Emily spend the night in the same bed, Emily wakes up to find Naomi staring at her; when she says that she loves her, Naomi coldly responds "Don't lie" and suggests she leaves, as her mother is coming back tomorrow.

Emily and Naomi do not talk until they meet at Freddie's shed. Naomi finally reveals her true feelings: that she had always loved Emily but she was scared by the effect Emily had on her, so she tried everything to lessen it, including messing around with boys. However, she states that she is done running, and presents to her two tickets to travel to Goa, India after graduation, and thus she and Emily resolve their issues. She is last seen having a great time at the party at Freddie's shed with Emily and the rest of the gang.

Series 7

In the seventh series, Naomi has moved to London and become flatmates with Effy. She is still together with Emily, although Emily is currently living in New York for employment.

In "Fire: Part 1," Naomi has become a layabout, throwing wild parties at the apartment and continues to drink heavily and do drugs. It seems her partying has caused some strain on her relationship with Emily as well. Later, Naomi tells Effy that she wants to be a stand-up comedian. However, throughout the episode, she exhibits symptoms of pain but brushes it off as a "call for attention" since she's home alone all day. During the summer, Naomi eventually goes to the hospital for a checkup and then goes to do her first ever comedy show (with disastrous results). After getting into a fight with Effy later that night, they confront each other the next morning. Naomi then reveals her test results (and the cause behind her pain): she has cancer. This prompts Effy to comfort her. 

In "Fire: Part 2", despite her failed attempt at being a comedian in Part 1, it is now autumn and Naomi continues her stand up act, becoming quite successful. However, she is not making any money from it, much to Effy's displeasure, as she now has to support both Naomi and herself. During an act, Naomi makes reference to her cancer and later we see her accompanied by Effy at a doctor's appointment, during which Naomi is visably upset. Emily has a few days off from her internship in New York and surprises Naomi with a visit in London. Emily is very lively and happy, unaware that Naomi has cancer.

At the airport, Naomi says goodbye to Emily and tells Effy she has no intention of telling Emily about her cancer until it has gone, which she is convinced it will. However, Naomi receives bad news that the radiotherapy is not working and she has to begin chemotherapy. Her and Effy's friendship is strained when Effy's career gets in the way, and Naomi is upset when Effy is unable to comfort her. Naomi is instead comforted by Effy's friend Dom and the pair become friends. During winter, Effy purchases a new flat for her and Naomi and is disappointed at Naomi's unenthusiatic attitude towards it. Later, Effy comes home to a very sick Naomi, who has been home alone the entire day. Effy calls Dom for help and he does his best to look after Naomi but is eventually forced to bring her to the hospital, where she is informed that the chemo treatment is not working and that her cancer is terminal.

A few days later, Effy finds Naomi on the hospital roof, smoking. There, Naomi confides in Effy and tells her that she doesn't want to hurt Emily again (refering to her past infidelity) and that she knew Emily would quit her internship to take care of her, which Naomi did not want. She breaks down, saying that she will hurt Emily so much and it will never be okay again. Later on, when Effy is stressed about her situation at work, Naomi tries to ask her what she is thinking and Effy tells her nothing, which sends Naomi into a rant about Effy's behaviour towards their friendship. Effy calls Emily and tells her about Naomi's cancer without Naomi's knowledge. Emily arrives in from New York on Christmas Day and is very upset that no one told her sooner, even slapping Effy upon arrival in London and claiming that she will never forgive her for not telling her sooner. When she arrives at the hospital she does not want to go into Naomi's room.

Effy tells her to put her anger aside as Naomi is dying and needs her. She tells her she has to be stronger for Naomi like Naomi was for her. Emily goes into the room and climbs in with Naomi in the bed. Naomi holds Emily and smiles at Effy, thanking her. It is implied that Naomi succumbs to her cancer and dies.


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