This is a list of all minor characters featured in the "second generation" (Series 3 and Series 4) of Skins.

Supporting Characters

Johnny White

  • Played by: Mackenzie Crook
  • First Appearance: "Cook" (episode 3.02)
  • Last Appearance: "Thomas" (episode 3.03)

Johnny is the local gangster, dabbling in drugs, gang warfare and illegal property leasing. After Cook upstages him at his daughter's engagement party, and furthermore after Cook tortures him while incapacitated at a brothel, Johnny vows to seek revenge. However, after being defeated in a chili pepper eating contest (where the peppers cause him to soil himself) with Thomas, he backs off.


  • Played by: David Baddiel
  • First Appearance: "Thomas" (episode 3.03)
  • Last Appearance: "Pandora" (episode 3.04)

Jim Stonem's coworker, and the man Anthea is having an affair with. Steve announces his love for Anthea on the doorstep, as Jim confusingly thinks he's announcing his love for him. This causes the divorce of the Stonem's. Steve and Anthea have ended their relationship by Series 4.


  • Played by: James Fleet
  • First Appearance: "Pandora" (episode 3.04)
  • Last Appearance: "Pandora" (episode 3.04)

The Moon's elderly neighbor, who Angela Moon is having sex with, as discovered by Cook and Effy after stumbling upon the sex tape.


  • Played by: Henry Garrett
  • First Appearance: "Everyone" (episode 3.01)
  • Last Appearance: "Pandora" (episode 3.04)

Katie's boyfriend, he is a footballer and quite a bit older than Katie, but seems to be very wealthy. Katie, shocked by seeing her sister kissing Naomi, calls Danny, and he in turn invites his friends causing them to crash Pandora's birthday party (something that upsets her greatly). They have broken up by the events of "Freddie". In "Katie", his new girlfriend Candy rubs it in Katie's face about how Danny wanted a "real woman."

DS Blunt

  • Played by: Pauline Quirke
  • First Appearance: "Thomas" (episode 4.01)
  • Last Appearance: "Cook" (episode 4.03)

A detective investigating the death of Sophia, the girl who committed suicide after taking MDMA.

Lara Lloyd

  • Played by: Georgia Henshaw
  • First Appearance: "JJ" (episode 4.06)
  • Last Appearance: "JJ" (episode 4.06)

JJ's fellow employee at a confectionary shop, she also has a nine month old child. Lara’s ex-boyfriend, Liam, walks in and threatens JJ, telling him to leave Lara and his child alone. The date goes disastrously as a result, and Lara leaves. JJ finds her and they have sex at Lara’s. JJ lets Lara meet Naomi and Emily. Upstairs, Emily tells JJ that Lara is using him to get back at her ex. JJ comments on Emily’s relationship, reducing her to tears. JJ’s family also think Lara is a slut and she leaves, offended. JJ becomes angry and beats up Liam when he sees him talking to Lara, who then calls off their relationship. JJ apologizes to Liam who tells JJ he loves his child and for JJ to look after Lara. JJ serenades Lara and she takes him back.


  • First Appearance: "Liv waz here"
  • First Appearance: "Emily" (episode 4.02)
  • Last Appearance: "Katie" (episode 4.04)

Katie's new boyfriend, who she declares is "totally hung". He is present when Emily decides to move out and live with Naomi. When Katie missed her period for a second month, she visits the doctor, thinking she is pregnant, only to discover she is experiencing a premature menopause and is infertile. In shock, she breaks up with Sam and heads home.


  • Played by: Lily Davis-Broom
  • First Appearance: "Katie" (episode 4.04)
  • Last Appearance: "Katie" (episode 4.04)

Candy is a WAG who is Katie's employer Brandy's best friend. Candy is quite rude to Katie, almost treating her like a servant and rubbing her relationship with Danny (Katie's exboyfriend) in her face. After a confrontation with Brandy, Katie runs into Effy and Freddie. Getting into another argument with Effy, Candy pushes her into Freddie's crouch and making fun of her. Katie, really angry, gets into a fight with Candy, and punches her in the face.

Sophia Moore

  • Played by: Amberley Gridley
  • First Appearance: "Thomas" (episode 4.01)
  • Last Appearance: "Emily" (4.02)

Sophia is the girl who commits suicide at the start of the fourth series. She was intoxicated by MDMA, which was dealt to her by Naomi and Cook. It is also revealed that she had had a brief affair with Naomi, and it is indicated that her infatuation with Naomi and later heartbreak is what results in her suicide.

Matt Moore

  • Played by: Richard Southgate
  • First Appearance: "Emily" (episode 4.02)
  • Last Appearance: "Emily" (episode 4.02)

Matt is Sophia's younger brother. He has a very close bond with his sister and knew about her secrets. He meets up with Emily as they find out the truth behind her death.

Father Babajide

  • Played by: Steve Toussaint
  • First Appearance: "Thomas" (episode 4.01)
  • Last Appearance: "Thomas" (episode 4.01)

Father Babajide is the pastor of the church Thomas and his family attend. In the wake of Sophia's death, Thomas feels guilty and turns back to God, during which time Father Babajide gives him guidance.

Andrea Babajide

  • Played by: Adelayo Adedayo
  • First Appearance: "Thomas" (episode 4.01)
  • Last Appearance: "Thomas" (episode 4.01)

Andrea is the daughter of the local pastor, Father Babajide. She strikes up a brief friendship-turned-relationship with Thomas when he attends her father's church.

John T. Foster

  • Played by: Hugo Speer
  • First Appearance: "Effy" (episode 4.07)
  • Last Appearance: "Everyone" (episode 4.08)

John is Effy's psychiatrist who is attempting to rehabilitate her after her suicide attempt. However he appears to become attracted to Effy and his techniques begin to worry her mother and Freddie. This leads to Freddie telling him that they don't want his treatment anymore and to stay away. Foster later invites Freddie to his house where he admits his feelings for Effy, and as he tries to leave, he murders Freddie with his baseball bat. He then planted evidence to make it seem that Freddie had ran away, not being able to deal with Effy's issues.

Later, after noticing him outside Freddie's house, Cook stalks Foster and breaks into his basement where he finds Freddie's blood-stained clothes. John arrives with his baseball bat and tells Cook about his intentions with Effy, and how she never loved Cook. He tells Cook to kneel before knocking him to the ground. After Cook gets up he tells John that he killed his friend, and that no matter what happens he's "a waste of fucking space." As he runs towards John, he yells "I am Cook!"; Cook survived their encounter unscathed, and in Season 7 it was revealed that Cook had killed John for killing Freddie and has been on the run since.

Family Members


Jim Stonem

  • Played by: Harry Enfield
  • First Appearance: "Tony" (episode 1.01)
  • Last Appearance: "Freddie" (episode 3.05)

Tony and Effy's father who ends up leaving his wife in series 3, after learning that she has been sleeping with his line manager.

Anthea Stonem

Main article: Anthea Stonem
  • Played by: Morwenna Banks
  • First Appearance: "Tony" (episode 1.01)
  • Last Appearance: "Effy" (episode 4.07)

Tony and Effy's mother who, In series 3 after Anthea cheats on her husband, prompting him to leave, she enters a depressed state similar to that in series 2. Later Anthea realizes she hasn't been focusing enough on her daughter's needs, and soothes her upon the events in "Effy". When Effy runs away, Anthea talks to JJ Jones where she admits she loves and misses Effy "so much".

Tony Stonem

Main article: Tony Stonem
  • Played by: Nicholas Hoult

He has not physically appeared in series 3 or 4, but has been mentioned at various points in relation to Effy. He has been most explicitly referenced in "Everyone" (episode 3.01) by Katie, Effy's video diary after the events of "Effy" (episode 3.08), and in "Effy" (episode 4.08) when Effy is forced to talk about her family and Tony's accident.


Angela Moon

  • Played by: Sally Phillips
  • First Appearance: "Pandora" (episode 3.04)
  • Last Appearance: "Pandora" (episode 3.04)

Pandora's mother. She is shown to be strong on family values and is strict with Pandora, however she unknowingly gets intoxicated on brownies containing MDMA at Pandora's party, and she is also revealed to be having an affair with her neighbor Martin.

Professor Larbalestier

Main article: Pandora Moon#The Identity of Pandora's Father
  • Played by: Darren Boyd
  • First Appearance: "Unseen Skins: Pandora"
  • Last Appearance: "Unseen Skins: Pandora"

A teacher who helps Pandora on her homework in her Series 4 Unseen Skins episode. Strongly assumed to be her father. In the episode, Pandora requests his help while revising History because she dislikes the subject. She states that the only reason she chose it was that if she ever met her father (who was a history professor and moved to America before Pandora was born), she would have something to talk to him about.

Professor Larbalestier reveals that he once moved to America and is shown to have many traits in common with Pandora such as describing things as 'wizzer' and loving peanut butter. Pandora is shown to have realized their similarities too, but when she goes back to the library, Professor Larbalestier is gone along with his books and plastic sheep.

Aunt Elizabeth

  • Played by: Maureen Lipman
  • First Appearance: "Thomas" (episode 3.03)
  • Last Appearance: "Thomas" (episode 3.03)

Pandora's sweet yet comical Aunty. She has a greenhouse full of weed, left behind by a Jamican lodger, which she believes to be tea. Pandora and Thomas sell the drugs to make money for Johnny White. Elizabeth is later shown comforting a crying Pandora while smoking a spliff.


Cook Sr.

  • Played by: Matt King
  • First Appearance: "Finale" (episode 3.10)
  • Last Appearance: "Finale" (episode 3.10)

Cook's father. An abusive, psychopathic and apathetic individual, he shows no interest whatsoever in his son and shows no emotion when he tries to threaten his son, which could primarly be the reason why Cook acts the way he does. He lives in a boat. After Cook tries to leave, Freddie hits Cook's dad over the head before he can hurt Cook. Cook's dad wakes up and Cook pushes him off the boat.

Ruth Byatt

  • Played by: Tanya Franks
  • First Appearance: "Cook" (episode 4.02)
  • Last Appearance: "Cook" (episode 4.02)

Cook's mother, a wealthy conceptual artist who threw Cook out for selling her jewelery for weed money. Cook stays with her during his series 4 episode but throws him out when he trips over a plug and ruins her 'masterpiece' (a board of flashing lights spelling out the word 'ME' multiple times).


  • Played by: William Lang
  • First Appearance: "Cook" (episode 4.02)
  • Last Appearance: "Cook" (episode 4.02)

Cook's younger brother who idolizes him. He lives with Ruth Byratt and goes to a private school, where he is bullied a bit until Cook threatens the other school kids.

Uncle Keith

  • Played by: Geoffrey Hughes
  • First Appearance: "Cook" (episode 3.02)
  • Last Appearance: "Freddie" (episode 3.05)

Keith runs the local pub that the group often drink at due to his lax attitude towards age restrictions. He hosts quiz nights with bizarre questions that JJ always wins.


Celia Jones

  • Played by: Juliet Cowan
  • First Appearance: "JJ" (episode 3.07)
  • Last Appearance: "JJ" (episode 4.06)

JJ's mother. She enjoys singing to gangster rap with JJ. She is very close to her son, with whom she 'doesn't have secrets' until JJ's series 4 episode. She is very happy when JJ brings Emily down after sleeping with her and is equally happy when she finds out JJ is bringing Lara around for tea until she discovers she has a baby and calls Lara a slut due to a Freudian slip. JJ's psychiatrist flirts with Celia which she finds annoying.

Edward Jones

  • Played by: Douglas Hodge
  • First Appearance: "JJ" (episode 4.06)
  • Last Appearance: "JJ" (episode 4.06)

JJ's father. He is almost always hidden behind his paper, oblivious to the outside word. He eventually looks up when Celia introduces her to Lara and her baby, Albert. At the end of JJ's episode he begins to try and be more involved with his family.


Gina Campbell

  • Played by: Olivia Colman
  • First Appearance: "Naomi" (episode 3.06)
  • Last Appearance: "Naomi" (episode 3.06)

Naomi's mother is a hippie dedicated to "saving the world one lentil at a time" (as Kieran puts it), who has turned their house into a commune; fifteen people are staying rent-free in the home, much to Naomi's disgust (at one point she wakes up with one of the hippie's feet in her mouth). She initially resented falling pregnant with Naomi because of the disruption it meant for her free lifestyle, but when Naomi's father left the scene she was surprised to find it was Naomi who "made her life complete". Eventually Gina abandons the commune to become a more responsible mother to Naomi, securing her the privacy of her own bedroom, and enters a relationship with Kieran.

Emily and Katie

Jenna Fitch

  • Played by: Ronni Ancona
  • First Appearance: "Katie and Emily" (episode 3.09)
  • Last Appearance: "Katie" (episode 4.04)

Emily and Katie's mother. She has a problem with Emily being gay and even more of a problem with Naomi. However, by Series 4 she has become much more accepting of her daughter.

Rob Fitch

  • Played by: John Bishop
  • First Appearance: "Katie and Emily" (episode 3.09)
  • Last Appearance: "Katie" (episode 4.04)

Emily and Katie's comical and down-to-earth father who tries to keep the family together. He owns a gym called Rob Fitch Fitness, though in the second episode of the fourth series, he loses it, and after a period of ill-spending, loses his house. 

James Fitch

  • Played by: Redd Smith
  • First Appearance: "Everyone" (episode 3.01)
  • Last Appearance: "Katie" (episode 4.04)

Katie and Emily's foul-mouthed brother. He hangs round with a boy called Gordon McPherson, much to his mothers dismay. He often acts is peculiar fashions or misbehaves (such as wearing a dress or looking through a key hole at Katie in the shower) and then defends himself by saying his actions are perfectly normal for a boy his age.


Kosoke Tomone

  • Played by: Aicha Kossoko
  • First Appearance: "Thomas" (episode 3.03)
  • Last Appearance: "Thomas" (episode 4.01)

Thomas' mum who does not like Pandora, thinking she is a bad influence for Thomas.

Daniel Tomone

  • Played by: Domonic Attoh
  • First Appearance: "Thomas" (episode 3.03)
  • Last Appearance: "Thomas" (episode 4.01)

Thomas' brother.

Fumi Tomone

  • Played by: Evelyn Madzima
  • First Appearance: "Thomas" (episode 3.03)
  • Last Appearance: "Thomas" (episode 4.01)

Thomas' little sister.


Karen Mclair

Main article: Karen Mclair
  • Played by: Klariza Clayton
  • First Appearance: "Cook" (episode 3.02)
  • Last Appearance: "Everyone" (episode 4.08)

Karen is the older sister of Freddie. She wishes to be a singer, and is involved in a talent search for a new girl-band called Da Sexxbombz, a competition that she loses. In an attempt to gain the audience's pity, she uses her mother's death as a sympathy vote, which deeply angers Freddie. She appeared in 4 episodes of the third series. In the fourth series, she appears in Freddie's episode, losing much of her "sexual" image from series three, and is now trying to become a hair dresser. She and Freddie are a lot closer then they were in the previous series. She then appears once more in the final episode of season 4 after the disappearance of her brother and joins the gang at Naomi Campbell's house.

Leo Mclair

  • Played by: Simon Day
  • First Appearance: "Freddie" (episode 3.05)
  • Last Appearance: "Freddie" (episode 4.05)

Freddie's father who wants Karen to win a music competition so badly.


  • Played by: Dudley Sutton
  • First Appearance: "Freddie" (episode 4.05)
  • Last Appearance: "Freddie" (episode 4.05)

Freddie's grandfather. Freddie becomes concerned about Effy’s psychotic behavior. He talks to his grandfather, Norman, and becomes determined not to make mistakes with Effy like he perceived his father made with his deceased mother. Katie finds her and takes her to Freddie; they then go to Norman’s nursing home. He convinces Freddie that Effy needs clinical help.

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