This is a list of all minor characters featured in the "first generation" (Series 1 and Series 2) of Skins.

Supporting Characters

Josh Stock

  • Played by: Ben Lloyd-Hughes
  • First Appearance: "Michelle" (episode 1.07)
  • Last Appearance: "Effy" (episode 1.08)

Josh is Abigail's brother, featured in the episode "Michelle". After dumping Tony, Michelle starts a relationship with Josh. He candidly reveals that he believes his mother (Cassie's psychiatrist) is "psychotic" and that she psychoanalyzes and medicates her children, and claims that he is a "different person" off the drugs. Perhaps knowing this from his own encounters with Abigail, Tony sends Michelle sensitive pictures of Abi from Josh's phone, making her believe he is crazy and dumping him. Josh reappears in series 1 episode "Effy" with a vendetta against Tony. Possibly knowing how much Tony loves his sister, he takes her hostage and overdoses her on drugs. When Tony arrives, Josh tells him that the only way that they will call an ambulance for her is if Tony has sex with Effy. After much begging and pleading, Josh finally relents and allows Tony to walk away with Effy.


  • Played by: Sean Verey
  • First Appearance: "Unseen Skins: A cycological romance"
  • Last Appearance: "Final Goodbyes" (episode 2.10)

A gay cyclist, and Maxxie's love interest since the episode 8 of series 2. The two were instantly attracted to each other upon sight, when they met in the college courtyard where they were both cycling. Maxxie left a note on James' bike, asking if he could meet him again the next day, "with a cheeky spliff", suggesting they get to know each other this way. But Sketch jealously stole the note and slashed Maxxie's tyres, meaning Maxxie had to get the bus and would not meet James on time. James, meanwhile, had already sensed that he and Maxxie were attracted to each other, and was waiting for him. Sketch turned up and asked him who he was meeting. When James replied that he was waiting for Maxxie, Sketch lied that Maxxie was her obsessive ex-boyfriend. Sketch became caught up in her own lies, and when she tried to ensure Maxxie and James would not meet again, it backfired as they both got the same bus. James and Maxxie became an official couple. The pair moved in together in London in the season two finale.

Family Members

Tony and Effy

Jim Stonem

  • Played by: Harry Enfield
  • First Appearance: "Tony" (episode 1.01)
  • Last Appearance: "Freddie" (episode 3.05)

Tony and Effy's father who in Series 1, is easily wound up by Tony and Effy's antics. However, his attitude changes during series 2 after Tony's accident and is much more helpful to his family during this period.

Anthea Stonem

Main article: Anthea Stonem
  • Played by: Morwenna Banks
  • First Appearance: "Tony" (episode 1.01)
  • Last Appearance: "Effy" (episode 4.07)

Tony and Effy's mother who, unlike their father, is calm and relaxed. After Tony's accident in the series 1 finale, Anthea becomes depressed and relies on Tony's medication to soothe her pain.


Anna Richardson

  • Played by: Arabella Weir
  • First Appearance: "Cassie" (episode 1.02)
  • Last Appearance: "Michelle" (episode 2.04)

Michelle's mother. She has been through several husbands over the years.


  • Played by: Danny Dyer
  • First Appearance: "Cassie" (episode 1.02)
  • Last Appearance: "Michelle" (episode 1.07)

Anna's husband and Michelle's stepfather. They get divorced by the end of the first series.


  • Played by: Tim Wallers
  • First Appearance: "Michelle" (episode 2.04)
  • Last Appearance: "Michelle" (episode 2.04)

Anna's husband after divorcing Malcolm and Michelle's stepfather. He has a daughter from a previous relationship.


  • Played by: Sia Berkeley
  • First Appearance: "Michelle" (episode 2.04)
  • Last Appearance: "Michelle" (episode 2.04)

Michelle's stepsister (daughter of Ted), introduced in Episode 4 of the second series. She has a very open relationship with her father, often relaxing nude in the hot tub or letting him pat her behind. She has a facade of a "bitch", which she later admits to Michelle is only a disguise. She participates in a camping trip for Michelle's birthday, and showed an admiration for Sid, which he didn't return. It was after she attempted to flirt with Sid that Sid and Michelle got together.


Marcus Ainsworth

  • Played by: Neil Morrissey
  • First Appearance: "Cassie" (episode 1.02)
  • Last Appearance: "Pure" (episode 7.04)

Cassie's father. He has a hobby of painting nude portraits of his wife. He and his wife are very open sexually, even having rather loud sex while Cassie is in the house.

Margeritte Ainsworth

  • Played by: Naomi Allisstone
  • First Appearance: "Cassie" (episode 1.02)
  • Last Appearance: "Cassie" (episode 1.02)

Cassie's mother. She apparently doesn't mind being seen naked, posing naked for her husband even when Cassie walks in.

Reuben Ainsworth

  • Played by: unknown
  • First Appearance: "Cassie" (episode 1.02)
  • Last Appearance: "Pure" (episode 7.04)

Cassie's baby brother who is often neglected by Cassie's parents, leaving her to look after him.


Ronnie Fazer

  • Played by: Mark Monero
  • First Appearance: "Jal" (episode 1.03)
  • Last Appearance: "Jal" (episode 2.08)

Jal's father, who is a local celebrity. He and Jal do not have a positive relationship, which is constantly plagued by his ignorance of his daughter and Jal's rebellious attitude to her father. Nonetheless, he does try to do the best for Jal, such as showing a protective love for Jal when Mad Twatter attacks her or convincing her to leave Chris. 

Ace Fazer

  • Played by: Troy Glasgow
  • First Appearance: "Jal" (episode 1.03)
  • Last Appearance: "Jal" (episode 2.08)

Jal's brother. He is an aspiring rapper who ignores her until she needs him most.

Lynton Fazer

  • Played by: Adrian Fergus Fuller
  • First Appearance: "Jal" (episode 1.03)
  • Last Appearance: "Jal" (episode 2.08)

Jal's brother. He is an aspiring rapper.

Jal's Mother

  • Played by: Josette Simon
  • First Appearance: "Jal" (episode 2.08)
  • Last Appearance: "Jal" (episode 2.08)

She appears in Jal's episode of the 2nd series. Jal has an argument with her about how she never bothered to contact her.


Graham Miles

  • Played by: Mark Heap
  • First Appearance: "Chris" (episode 1.04) (voice only)
  • Last Appearance: "Final Goodbyes" (episode 2.10)

Graham is Chris's father, who left his family after Peter's death. His voice is heard in episode 4 of the first series, and he appears on screen in the last episode of the second series.

Chris' Mother

  • Played by: Annie Hulley
  • First Appearance: "Cassie" (episode 2.09)
  • Last Appearance: "Cassie" (episode 2.09)

Chris's mother left him in episode 4 of the first series. She appears briefly in episode 9 of the second series.

Mary Miles

  • Played by: Sarah Lancashire
  • First Appearance: "Chris" (episode 1.04)
  • Last Appearance: "Chris" (episode 1.04)

Mary is Chris's stepmother and mother of Chris's stepbrother. She is kind to Chris, in spite of her husband's opinions. She was introduced in the episode 4 of the first series.

Peter Miles

Although never seen on screen due to his death prior to the show began, Peter is Chris's older brother. His death during Chris' childhood caused the family breakdown. He was 14 years of age when he died of a subarachnoid hemorrhage. As Chris was 7 at the time, this would place his year of birth at 1983. He is said by Mary to have an uncanny resemblance to Chris. He had a close relationship with Chris, and often protected him from bullies. Chris recounted the best day of his life to Jal, where Peter swapped shorts with Chris after he wet himself at Cubs to save him from his embarrassment. One day he collapsed from the subarachnoid hemorrhage and died at the hospital. It is implied that his death caused Chris to go from a timid boy, to a promiscuous party animal.

Sammy Miles

  • Played by: unknown
  • First Appearance: "Chris" (episode 1.04)
  • Last Appearance: "Chris" (episode 1.04)


Mark Jenkins

  • Played by: Peter Capaldi
  • First Appearance: "Sid" (episode 1.05)
  • Last Appearance: "Sid" (episode 2.03)

Mark was Sid's father, a no-nonsense and intemperate individual who was very judgmental of his son, describing him as a "lazy, bone-idle little fucker." He was fond of the seemingly perfect Tony and wished that Sid could be more like him. Due to his frequent angry outbursts and the deterioration of their relationship, his wife left him (in the episode "Sid"). Sid urged his father to try to get her back. It was unclear from the events of later episodes whether or not he was successful—it appears that the couple spent short periods of time back together without fully reuniting. He died in his sleep in the third episode of season 2, after finally getting back at his bullying father Alex and brother Sandy (who had evidently excluded him from the family since childhood), and making his peace with Sid and his estranged wife Liz.

Elizabeth "Liz" Jenkins

  • Played by: Josie Lawrence
  • First Appearance: "Sid" (episode 1.05)
  • Last Appearance: "Final Goodbyes" (episode 2.10)

Liz is Sid's mother, separated from his late father. She had a German lover in Episode 3 of series 2, Manfred (Kevin Eldon).

Alex, Sandy, Lex, and Ally Jenkins

  • Played by: Maurice Roëves, Michael Nardone, Jonny Forrest, Bryan Wilson
  • First Appearance: "Sid" (episode 2.03)
  • Last Appearance: "Sid" (episode 2.03)

These formed the gruff Aberdonian family of Sid's late father, Mark. Alex, Mark's father, is dying from cancer. He despised and belittled Mark, and showed heavy favouritism towards his other son, Sandy, who is revealed as the heir to the lucrative family dry-cleaning business. Alex and Sandy both display a fondness for Mark's wife Liz which borders on lust. Sandy's two sons Lex and Ally are moody, football-mad and violent. Mark and his branch of the family have evidently been excluded from the family since Mark's childhood: it is notable that every member of the family apart from Mark and Sid is known by an abbreviated form of the name Alexander.


Istiak Kharral

Anwar's father. A quiet, undemonstrative man, he is devoted equally to his Muslim faith and to pleasing his wife. He surprises Anwar by accepting Maxxie's homosexuality despite his faith, stating that he does not understand homosexuality, but that "one day God will help [him] understand."

Bibi Kharral

Anwar's overbearing, overprotective and comically naïve mother.

Uncle Muneer

  • Played by: Nish Nathwani
  • First Appearance: "Tony" (episode 1.01)
  • Last Appearance: "Series Finale" (episode 1.09)

Anwar's mother's brother is a crass joker who frequently humiliates Anwar. Anwar's father Istiak describes him as a "complete tosser". He acts as DJ for Anwar's 17th birthday celebrations.

Anwar's sisters

  • Played by: unknown
  • First Appearance: "Series Finale" (episode 1.06)
  • Last Appearance: "Final Goodbyes" (episode 2.10)

Anwar's 3 older sisters, who take immense pleasure in annoying him mercesslessly.


Walter Oliver

Walter is Maxxie's father, a builder. A welcoming and polite individual, he accepts his son's open homosexuality and never hesitates to stand up against anyone who openly mocks his son's sexual orientation. Although himself a keen amateur dancer (he enjoys line dancing with his dog), he is against the idea of Maxxie pursuing a dancing career, feeling that it should remain a hobby, and expects Maxxie to join him in the building trade. However, he subsequently accepts that Maxxie wants to dance professionally (so long as he completes his final year at college).

Jackie Oliver

Jackie is Maxxie's mother, a down-to-earth woman who used to clean for Anthea Stonem and look after Tony when he was a baby.