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Johnny White
Johnny White.PNG
General Information
Nickname(s): Johnny White, Boss
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
Occupation(s): Crime lord
Gang leader
Family: Kayleigh White (daughter)
Enemies: James Cook
Thomas Tomone
Unnamed rival gang
Series Information
First Appearance: "Cook" (episode 3.02)
Last Appearance: "Thomas" (episode 3.03)
Potrayed by: Mackenzie Crook

Johathan "Johnny" White is a fictional character on the television show Skins and is portrayed by Mackenzie Crook.

Character history

Johnny is a criminal gang leader. James Cook disrupts his daughter Kayleigh's engagement party, becoming an enemy of Johnny.

After a run in at an underground party with Thomas Tomone selling drugs, he ends up challenging Johnny to resolve their issues one on one. Thomas ends up beating Johnny at a chili eating contest and Johnny ends up leaving his friends alone.