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Freddie Mclair
General Information
Nickname(s): Freddie, Freds, Fredster, Fred
Gender: Male
Born: 1992
Age: 16-17 (series 3 & 4)
Status: Deceased
Died: 2010
Cause of death: Beaten to death by Effy's psychopathic counsellor, John T. Foster
Education: Roundview College
Occupation(s): Student
Family: Karen McClair (older sister)
Mary McClair (mother) †
Leo McClair (father)
Norman McClair (maternal grandfather)
Romances: Effy Stonem (girlfriend)
Katie Fitch (ex-girlfriend)
Ruth Byatt (sexual encounter)
Friends: James Cook (best friend)
JJ Jones (best friend)
Emily Fitch
Naomi Campbell
Pandora Moon
Thomas Tomone
Katie Fitch
Enemies: John T. Foster (killer)
Series Information
First Appearance: "Everyone" (episode 3.01)
Centric Episode(s): "Freddie" (episode 3.05)
"Finale" (episode 3.10)
"Freddie" (episode 4.05)
Last Appearance: "Effy" (episode 4.07)
Potrayed by: Luke Pasqualino

Frederick "Freddie" McClair is a fictional character on the television series Skins, and is portrayed by Luke Pasqualino.


Freddie happily skates around, smoking weed with his mates, and staying cool. He has problems taming his crazy friend Cook, who is not afraid to do anything. His other best friend JJ is an integral part of their friendship, as he acts as a mediator whenever there is a fight between Cook and Freddie. At other times, however, Freddie is forced to act as the leader of the group whenever JJ has a panic attack or when Cook takes things too far; he is by far the most reliable in a crisis. In any other situation, Freddie is often the first to give up, but usually bounces back with a nudge from either of his best friends.

In the third series, Freddie's relationship with his family is strained due to his sister Karen attempting to use their mother's death in order to become famous. However, in the fourth series, he and Karen are much closer, having resolved all their differences.

Much of the third series deals with Freddie's romantic feelings for Effy and how that affects Cook, who also has fallen in love with her. Effy's decision to start a relationship with Cook although she has feelings for Freddie begins to deteriorate the friendship between Cook and Freddie. By the end of the series, Effy's choice in which she picks Freddie leaves it ambiguous as to whether or not Cook and Freddie's friendship can truly be

In the fourth series, Freddie and Effy both deal with the fallout of her decision, and thus are unsure how to talk to Cook. Throughout the series, Freddie and Cook's relationship is still strained, due to Cook's lingering feelings for Effy. Similarly, his relationship with Effy is put to the test when she starts having a mental breakdown; he's not sure whether he is strong enough to take care of her by himself, and thus his relationship with her is put on hold while she spends time in a clinic. By the time their issues are resolved, however, his reunion with Effy is cut short tragically; he is murdered at the hands of her psychiatrist, Dr. John Foster, whose obsession with Effy indicates mental problems of his own. Following Effy's breakdown and subsequent suicide attempt, Freddie's friendship with Cook is repaired.

Character History

Series 3

In "Everyone", Cook, Freddie and JJ vie for Effy's attention after meeting her the morning before college starts. Freddie attempts to draw Effy's interest simply by chatting with her, but he has nothing thus far to distinguish himself to the mysterious, worldly Effy and is rebuffed gently. Effy sets Cook and Freddie a challenge, whoever breaks the college rules gets to “know her better”. Cook breaks the rules, in the process starting a fire. His reward is sex with Effy in the nurse’s office.

JJ, Cook and Freddie get a glimpse of Effy ("Everyone")

In "Cook", Freddie gets a call from Karen who is at her friend, Kayleigh’s, engagement party. Cook rounds the gang up and they head over there uninvited. Freddie eventually ditches his friends, disgusted with Cook's unwillingness to tame his wild behavior; while initially disdainful in response, by the end of the episode Cook promises to try and rein it in a little. Freddie also learns, to his dismay, that Effy and Cook are now in a relationship.

In "Pandora", Freddie arrives at Pandora's pajama party (which has been crashed by Katie's boyfriend and an army of his beer- swigging friends) to collect JJ, who has been abandoned by Cook and gone into another panic attack. As Freddie prepares to take his friend home, Effy comes after him, asking him to stay. Freddie angrily berates her for leaving JJ unattended; when she replies that she thought Cook was his friend, he sarcastically replies "I think Cook's your friend, isn't he?" Effy apologizes for her behavior, explaining her parents' sepparation and her subsequent trashing; while Freddie offers his sympathy, he refuses to stick around, which visibly upsets Effy.

In "Freddie", Freddie, watches as Karen reaches the final of a TV talent show to find a new member of fictional girl group Da Sexxbombz. He is forced to go along with the dramatic story she and their father are spinning about their supposed dedication to his deceased mother, all to look good in front of the cameras. If this was not bad enough, living in the shadow of the increasingly reckless Cook, is becoming too much to bear.

Effy arrives in Freddie's garden and asks to be allowed into his shed. Inside, the two share a spliff, but are quickly interrupted by the arrival of Cook and JJ. When Cook invites Effy to leave to have sex with him, she sarcastically rebuffs him, causing him to angrily insist that she leave. Afterward, as Freddie returns a bracelet to her, he suggests that they would be "good together". Effy denies this by claiming she would break his heart.

Freddie later becomes furious when his father clears out his shed for Karen to use as a practice room; he deliberately makes the interview look as poorly as possible. He reluctantly joins Cook and JJ at Keith's bar, and Cook discusses how they should get revenge on Karen for stealing the shed. JJ accidentally reveals that Cook once had sex with her, enraging Freddie. When he confronts Karen and his father over it and drives her out of the shed in tears, his father strikes him, telling him that at least she is committing to something and that he needs to do more than just 'skate around'.

The next day, after going through his usual rounds of skateboarding and spliff, Freddie realizes that his father has a point. He seeks out Effy at the water-park, where she is escaping from her turbulent home situation. The two share a passionate kiss mid-water, where Freddie tells her how he feels about her.

By the evening he attends his sister's final performance with his dad, but she loses by fifteen votes; back at home, he makes honest attempts to comfort her until Cook and JJ show up. Cook reveals that he got fifteen people from Keith's pub to vote against her as revenge for the shed. Unexpectedly, Freddie lashes out in rage at the attack on his family, headbutting Cook and making it clear their friendship is over. Cook, who had previously characterized Freddie as the most reserved of the group, is shocked by this; he tells Freddie he loves him and leaves, smashing the Mclair family photo on his way out.

Freddie finally goes to see Effy again; however, Effy has returned to Cook. Freddie watches from below her window as Cook steps up behind her and smirks at him; he then leaves angrily. His bitterness is evident in 'Naomi' when Naomi questions him about whether he told Effy about his feelings, as she had suggested; on at least two occasions, Effy notices him staring at her resentfully.

In "JJ", JJ tries to convince Freddie and Cook to talk to each other, but to no avail. Convinced that Effy does not truly recipherocate his feelings, Freddie has started a romantic relationship with Katie Fitch. Freddie blames JJ for Cook starting a brawl at the nightclub they went to, as JJ gave him drugs; however, the drugs cause Cook to tell the truth, and he admits that, while she is still in a sexual relationship with Cook, Effy loves Freddie. Freddie is visibly shocked by this revelation.

In "Effy", he continues his sexual relationship with Katie, to Effy's jealousy. Later, at the gang's camping trip, he seems to grow distant from Katie, with both Effy and Katie noticing; by contrast, nothing happens between him and Effy, but under the effect of the shrooms she found they seem to grow closer. Unknown to him, Katie confronts Effy (who is experiencing a bad trip) and after a fight, Katie gets knocked unconscious. Afterwards, Effy wanders back to the campsite when she runs into Freddie. After a few tense moments, they have sex for the first time.

Eventually, Katie is found and taken to hospital, where Freddie — among others — learns that Effy hit Katie (but not the reasons why), thus turning him against Effy for thinking she attacked Katie without merit.

In "Katie and Emily", The twins run into Freddie and JJ Jones while trying on dresses. JJ reveals to Emily that he told Freddie that he had sex with her, and Freddie inadvertently tells Katie, who was unaware of this. She guilts Freddie into accompanying her to the ball and volunteers Emily to go with JJ. Freddie spends much of the episode trying to calm a panicked JJ down.

In "Finale", Freddie and JJ are working at a pawnshop, but JJ becomes sick of Freddie's constant weed-smoking and gloom. Meanwhile, Effy grows worried for Cook when she sees how his father manipulates him, prompting her to call Freddie for help — and telling him that she loves him shortly before hanging up. Freddie repeatedly seems uncertain and on the verge of giving up his attempts to find her until JJ goads him on. When Freddie and JJ arrive, Cook impulsively decide sthat the fate of the boys' relationships with Effy should be decided by the small town's race. JJ, who (unexectedly) wins the race, takes charge and demands that they solve their problems once and for all, forcing both boys to admit that they each love Effy and telling her that she must choose between them. Although Effy doesn't say anything, her "look says it all" when her gaze lingers over Freddie, prompting Cook to leave in a fury. When Freddie and Effy are alone, they makeup and have sex. The following morning Effy, Freddie, Cook, and JJ begin their journey home. Freddie tries to keep his friendship with Cook intact by begging him to say it's ok, but Cook reluctantly refuses. Nonetheless, Freddie defends Cook against his abusive father to the point of knocking him out, and comforts him afterwards.

Series 4

In "Thomas", The gang, excluding Effy (who has disappeared over the summer) witness the suicide of a teenage girl, Sophia, after she had taken drugs. The police launch an investigation into the death. Freddie believes Effy has dumped him out of guilt for hurting Cook; while this at least allows him to heal his friendship, he is somewhat resentful of her. At one point, Freddie once again demonstrates his role as the peacekeeper when he breaks up a fight between Thomas and Cook, the former suspecting that Cook sold Sophia MDMA.

In "Emily", Effy returns to college, sits next to Freddie and steals one of his chips. They talk for a while and Effy reveals that it's him she was thinking about all summer. She then hugs Cook while Freddie watches. Emily then asks Freddie "can you trust her?" but he does not answer. Later at a party Effy is dancing with Freddie and kisses him. Cook sees this and lashes out at a fellow party-goer and headbutts JJ. Effy and Freddie sees him fighting and leave.

Freddie and Effy reunite. ("Cook")

In "Cook", Effy and Freddie kiss at school; this is overseen by Cook, who is abruptly expelled by the new headmaster. As he is forcefully removed, Freddie asks if he is alright, but Cook tells him to fuck off. Cook visits his mother’s art exhibit and is shocked to learn that she had slept with Freddie. Freddie admits Ruth gave him a blow job at Cook’s 15th birthday party and pleads for Cook to stop acting out- as well as reminding him that he bashed JJ. Although Cook refuses to rein in, he recognizes Freddie's genuine remorse and concern and forgives him, provided he does not bring up their conflict over Effy again. Effy comes to see Cook in prison and tells him she loves Freddie. He asks her "how is the love?". Effy replies saying that it messes with your head but she's giving it a go. As a gesture of loyalty, she, Freddie and JJ attend Cook's trial.

In "Katie" she and Freddie are seen sharing affection and drugs at various gatherings; despite Effy's remark to Katie that 'nothing's ever perfect' they are both obviously enjoying their relationship.

In "Freddie", Freddie and Effy live a hedonistic lifestyle in the Stonem house with Anthea gone. While Freddie is enjoying himself immensly and totally wrapped around Effy, he is convinced they will eventually return to normality, while Effy just seems to sink deeper and deeper. Freddie’s education suffers and when he tells Effy this, they argue. Freddie meets a counsellor about his unfinished coursework; he gives it a go, but the only thing he prioritizes is taking care of Effy. Freddie returns to see Effy sticking newspaper cuttings about death onto the wall. Freddie becomes concerned about Effy’s psychotic behaviour and does some reaserch on the subject. He talks to his grandfather, Norman, and becomes determined not to make mistakes with Effy like he perceived his father made with his deceased mother. He uses this as a trump card throughout the episode when arguing with his father.

After Effy impulsively throws a party with an ominous 'Goodbye' theme, Freddie enters her parents' room- decorated with more death images than ever- and finds her hiding under the bed. She says that he is the only one she trusts, and that she doesn't want the people there. After Freddie kicks them out, he brings her out onto the landing, promising to make a fresh start the next day. They breifly discover Cook- who has escaped from prison- in the kitchen, but Freddie is forced to kick him out when Effy boils over at his presence.

Freddie and Effy discuss her irratic behavior. ("Freddie")

The next day, after giving her a bath and getting rid of her containers of vodka, Freddie takes Effy out into the park in an effort to cheer her up, and initially it seems to work. However, she eventually becomes frightened again, explaining that 'they' are coming to get her, and that she is no longer strong enough to fight them off due to her relationship with him. When she starts hallucinating about 'them' coming for her across the green, Freddie tells her he will fight them for her and pretends to scare them off; Effy laughs wildly, but Freddie is increasingly concerned for her.

On their way home, Freddie notices Anthea has returned and is talking to a policewoman. Not wanting Effy to be arrested, he mistakenly rides their rented rickshaw into a street festival full of people in apocalyptic costumes, causing Effy to panic and run for it. Freddie chases after her, running into Cook (disguised by devil makeup) who helps him look for her. Katie finds her and takes her to Freddie; they then go to Norman’s nursing home. He convinces Freddie that Effy needs clinical help, that Freddie has given it his best shot at resolving the problems without outside help, but that he now needs to accept some for her sake. Freddie then finds Effy lying in the toilets with her wrists slashed from attempted suicide; he cradles her while frantically screaming for help. In the hospital, Freddie is comforted by his family; Karen folds an origami swan for him to give to Effy. Anthea tells Freddie that Effy will need both their help, but Freddie states that Effy needs her mother, not him, since she told him to go away when he came to see her. He destroys the cuttings in the Stonem house only for Cook to appear. He convinces Freddie not to give up on Effy, having finally put aside his feelings for her to help his best friend. As Freddie breaks down, Cook hugs him.

In "JJ" it's revealed that, after Cook escaped from prison, Freddie had been hiding him at his house for some time; as his father was becoming suspicious, Freddie moved him to JJ's place, much to the dismay of JJ himself.

In "Effy", Effy returns home after her near suicide attempt, with her room completed clean and she and her mother have an awkward conversation. She unpacks and then goes to visit Freddie, who is amazed and overjoyed to see her. They go to have sex, as indicated on her new whiteboard planner.

Inside Freddie's room, she and Freddie talk. He asks her why he wasn't allowed to see her, to which she replied that Foster had forbidden anyone from seeing her, as it was part of her treatment. When Freddie asks what did Foster do that was so special, Effy replies that he took away all her bad memories and made them good. Freddie is angry, finding out that Effy had bad memories of him. Effy consoles him, stating that now that all the bad memories were taken away, all she feels for Freddie is love. Later, the gang has thrown a party to celebrate getting their A-Level results; Freddie gets an A and two C's. As part of the party, everyone reads out their scores, with the exception of Effy. Effy stands up and tells the gang that is doesn't matter. She tells that gang that although she thinks that they are all great, she's had enough.

She then goes home and takes her pills, and sees Freddie's name disappear from her white board. Effy is then seen in another session with Foster, and he is doing some hypnosis techniques on her. However, these techniques are being used to erase her friends from her memory, as Foster is "taking" those memories away. The next morning, Freddie confronts Effy and they get into an argument. Effy tells him that she went mad when she was with him, but Freddie says that that's what loves supposed to do.

She tells Freddie that everyone needs to make sacrifices, and that everyone is in a different place now. She tells everyone that she is saying goodbye, and leaves. When she looks at her whiteboard after taking her medication, Freddie's name vanishes.

The next morning, she is at a park, and Cook sits on the bench next to her. As they are talking, Cook mentions that Freddie calls him about her (and calls her "Ef"). Effy looks confused, asking who "Ef" is. It turns out that Foster has been making Effy forget everyone she ever loved; however, after spending some time with Cook, Effy comes upon a place that sets off an emotional trigger. After another near- suicide attempt, Effy remembers everything and tells Cook to get her to Freddie- who was so hurt by her rejection that he was considering running away.

She passes out, and when she wakes up in the hospital, apologizes to Freddie and they reconcile. She tells him the voices have started up again, but Freddie says they'll handle it together. When Foster enters the Effy's room, she freaks out and tells Freddie she doesn't want Foster to be her shrink anymore. Freddie runs him off and he holds Effy's hand until she falls asleep. As he leaves the hospital, he hugs Anthea, who agrees with him in that Foster's treatments seem unnatural.


Unknown to everyone, John Foster is obsessed with Effy and was using his "alternative" methods in order to keep her (making her forget everyone else she ever loved). Because of this, Freddie, after getting a phone call from Foster, goes and confronts Foster without telling anyone. When he reaches Foster's house, he yells at Foster to leave Effy alone and that no one wants him around her. Foster pretends to be okay with this, and promises to back off.

However, when Freddie leaves to open the door leading to the entrance hall, he finds it locked. He's confused on why and irritably orders Foster to open it. Foster, meanwhile, comes up the stairs behind him with a baseball bat. He says that Effy really does love Freddie, and for that reason he cannot let him go. The scene cuts to outside the door; there is the shadow of Foster raising the bat, then several sickening cracks mingled with Freddie's screams. Blood splatters across the windowpanes.


To cover his crime, Foster planted evidence that make it seem that Freddie had run away, not being able to deal with Effy's problems. Most of the gang believes this explanation, however Karen is the first person to realise something isn't right, as most of his things (including his favorite shirt) are still in his room. Cook, too, searched for Freddie for a short while before giving up.

When Katie talks to Effy, she said she can hear Freddie talking to her in her head. Later, Karen finds evidence that makes her think that something more sinister happened to Freddie and talks to Cook. When Cook tries to tell her to accept that Freddie ran away, she attacks him. She tells him that if Cook was really Freddie's friend, he would look for him, as Freddie did for Cook in "Finale" (episode 3.10). She gives the evidence she found to Cook, and tells him that he should read it and see if it changes his mind.

The evidence turns out to be Freddie's notebook, with all its' pages filled up stating "I Love her" (talking about Effy), however on one of the pages, Freddie wrote in black sharpie "John Foster wants to hurt her". This causes Cook to realize that Freddie's disappearance might have to do with Foster, and he cries, realizing how badly he left his friendship with Freddie. Later, he too seems to hear echoes of Freddie's voice. Cook brings his suspicions to Effy, but he does not share it with the rest of the gang. Effy is moved by the depth of Freddie's love for her, having dreaded that she drove him away.

The scene in which Karen and Cook talk seems to be a very moving experience for Cook, as after Karen walks away, he opens the notebook, finding it full of "I love her", the writing getting bigger each page, and breaks down, falling to his knees and saying, “So do I, Freds, so do I.”

The gang decides to throw a party in Freddie's shed to celebrate his birthday and to honor him. Cook, viewing a picture of him, Freddie, and JJ dressed as musketeers, decides to look for clues about Freddie's disappearance. When he goes outside the shed to pee, he sees Foster, watching the party going on in the shed. Without being seen, Cook follows Foster back to his home and breaks into the basement. When he starts looking through the boxes, he sees a bag full of bloody clothes, and realizes they are Freddie's. After a confrontation with Foster, in which Foster hits him with a baseball bat, he has a small speech and lashes out in anger on Foster roaring "I'm Cooooooooooooooook!" and then the Finale Credits kick in.


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