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The Freddie-Cook-JJ Relationship refers to the friendship between Freddie Mclair, James Cook, and JJ Jones.

They commonly refer to themselves as being the "Three Musketeers". It is easy to parallel each of them with one of the three original musketeers; Freddie, the most serious, reserved and responsible of the three, is Athos, Cook has the wild behavior, humor, and temper of Porthos, and JJ's naivete, inexperience and air of general goodness resembles Aramis. All three are extremely loyal to one another, and despite various obstacles, this seems to prevail in the end.

Their friendship, begun many years previously, spanned throughout Series 3 and Series 4. It remained intact despite Freddie's murder at the hands of Dr. John Foster.

Relationship History

Series 3

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Freddie and Cook and JJ are all friends before they go to college and seen in the episode "Everyone".

They all share one thing they all want and that is Effy. But Cook gets her first then Freddie gets her off Cook leading to a big break up of the Three Musketeers.

Cook and Freddie fall out because of Effy but in the end Cook lets Freddie have her.

JJ and Effy become friends and the three make up.

Series 4

Freddie and Cook and JJ are still best friends and Freddie is with Effy but Cook and JJ still love her know Effy and JJ are friends he can try to get closer to her.

Cook is pissed that Freddie will always get Effy but he loves Freddie like a brother and want him to be happy.