Daisy Valero[1] is a fictional character in the American adaptation of Skins, and is played by Camille Cresencia-Mills.


Like Jal, her Skins UK counterpart, Daisy is known for her brains, musical talent, and for being perfect all-around. Instead of clarinet, Daisy plays trumpet and has some knowledge of piano, as seen in her episode Daisy.

She lives with her overprotective father who hates music and her younger sister. She tries to please her father and hides her musical talents from him at first. The tension builds between father and daughter when a piano is destroyed and her father puts further strain on their relationship by banning music from their house.

Daisy works part time at Busty Bocadillo's, a sandwich restaurant known for the busty waistresses who serve large sandwiches to their customers. (A play on Hooters.) She is passionate about her job as seen in a web short where she interviews her friends for potential positions and is quick to get defensive when insulted about working there.