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Anthea Stonem
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General Information
Gender: Female
Status: Alive
Family: Jim Stonem (ex-husband)
Tony Stonem (son)
Effy Stonem (daughter)
Romances: Steve (lover)
Series Information
First Appearance: "Tony" (episode 1.01)
Last Appearance: "Effy" (episode 4.07)
Potrayed by: Morwenna Banks

Anthea Stonem is a fictional character on the television show Skins and is portrayed by Morwenna Banks.

Character History

Series 1

In "Tony", she is in the kitchen when Tony finishes brushing his teeth and sits down for breakfast next to Effy as Jim still bangs on the locked bathroom door and calls Tony names. Tony pours himself some cereal as his dad comes into the kitchen to complain about him to her. Noticing Tony sitting there, he’s, for once, speechless, but Tony chimes in that the lock is broken again and he’ll have to the drill from under the sink to get in. Anthea bids Jim to stop swearing every morning.

In "Effy", she is first having dinner with the Stonem family, to celebrate Jim's birthday. After Tony taunts his thigh joke, which he frequently mentions, she calms him down saying that it isn't good for him to shout in front of Effy. They play a game but when they couldn't figure the poorly translated instructions, Anthea suggests to simply relax and do nothing in which Jim agrees with a "f--king fine". Later, she is leaning on Jim as they watch a movie and bids good night to Effy, who had no luck with the game. Jim inclines to kiss her but Effy leaves without a word, leaving Jim and Anthea looking at each other before they continue to watch the movie.

Series 2

In "Tony and Maxxie", Anthea is in a very depressed state, having to take care of Tony since his accident in "Series Finale", and worrying about him when he was in his coma during "The Lost Weeks".

In "Michelle", Anthea attempts to prevent Michelle from seeing Tony when she visits. Tony lets her in anyway, but after a failed attempt to have sex, Michelle acts out and Anthea comes into Tony's room suggesting Michelle leave, which she then does.

In "Effy", Anthea's husband is in France for business, and she is depressed from Tony's accident, where she has seemingly taken to abusing pills and laying in bed all day. Effy on the other hand has taken on the role of a parental figure somewhat, where she is seen washing and drying her and Tony's clothes, and watching after her mother.

Series 3

In "Thomas", Effy and Thomas walk in on Anthea with Jim's boss, Steve, in a state of undress. Later, Thomas visits the house while the family are together and comments pleasantly that Anthea looks different with her clothes on. Anthea winces, but Jim is blissfully unaware.

In "Pandora", Pandora tells Anthea that she misses Thomas, who recently returned to his country of origin, the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Later, Effy's father, Jim, discovers Anthea's infidelity when Steve arrives at the house, declaring his love for Anthea. Effy grows miserable after Jim leaves the family.

In "Freddie", Freddie attempts to see Effy after their kiss in the lake, but Anthea turns him away, as Cook is already upstairs with Effy.

In "Effy", Anthea is seen bathing a distraught Effy after she comes back from the hospital, after everyone shuns her after finding out she knocked out Katie with a rock and left her in the forest.

In "Finale", Anthea talks to JJ Jones where she admits she loves and misses Effy "so much".

Series 4

In "Freddie", Anthea is away visiting Aldo (mentioned in the Skins novel), so Freddie and Effy use the house as their private world of drinking, dancing and fucking. Later, Freddie arrives back home at one point to find Effy in her mother's vacated bedroom pasting sinister newspaper cuttings relating to death onto the wall of the room. After Effy attempts to kill herself, Anthea is seen outside the hospital, visibly shaken, and talks to Freddie about how something like this could happen. Sharing a smoke, she says that Effy needs both of them now, to which Freddie replies that Anthea is going to have to take care of Effy alone, and runs off. Freddie then goes back to Effy's home, rips all of her "death" pictures off the wall, and burns them in a bonfire outside.

In "Effy", she brings Effy some items (one of which is Freddie's) in the hospital and commends her for getting better. Later, Effy returns home, with her room completely clean and she and Anthea have an awkward conversation. After Effy gets into a fight with Freddie, Effy takes her pills but begins to freak out, opening all her drawers, until Anthea gives her her stuffed giraffe (which was what Effy was looking for). Later, she and her mother have a heart to heart.