Season 1, Episode 9
Centric Character(s): Tina Nolan
Original Airdate: March 14, 2011 (US)
Written by: Derek Harvie
Directed by: Scott Smith
Episode chronology

"Tina" is the ninth episode of Season 1.

Tina celebrates her birthday and runs into a few complications in her relationship with Chris.


The episode begins with Tina and Chris are having sex in Abbud's tree-house when Tina hits her head and begins to cry. Chris attempts to console her and she reveals that it is her birthday. Abbud finds the two and Tina bribes him with an offer of an "A" in her class to keep quiet. Tina later flirts with her neighbor after having doubts about her relationship with Chris and comes onto him, to which he rejects. Later at school, Tina is grading essays and a very explicit essay written by Chris details how he plans to have sex with her tonight. Dave picks up the paper and reads the title to which Tina reacts harshly and snatches the paper back. Dave then shows Tina a miniature steam engine, and a series of houses so he can figure out where it is she lives in an attempt to woo her later that night. Dave's steam engine is later stolen. Tina sees her neighbor, Evan, walking in the rain and offers him a ride and asks for a date for her birthday. He obliges and the next scene is them in Tina's car in front of a fast food restaurant eating burgers. Tina comes on to Evan by attempting to engage in oral sex with him. He rejects, calling her childish and leaves. Tina arrives home to see Chris has thrown her a surprise party. Unhappy about recent turns of events, she helps a student with work. the party-goers vandalize Tina's house and Chris deftly kicks them all out. Chris apologizes and offers Tina two presents: Dave's steam engine and sex. Dave, having found Tina's apartment, walks into the building and into her room to catch Chris having sex with her, and his steam engine toy exploding. Dave has Tina arrested on counts of child molestation and she is thrown in jail. Chris, Abbud, and Stanley are called in as witnesses and attempt to defend Tina. It is later revealed that Tina has been fired, is moving back in with her parents, and is a suspected sex offender required by law to tell her neighbors. Chris sends her flowers and a card informing her to call him. As she is not allowed to talk to him anymore, she deletes his number from her phone, and Chris knowing she will not call throws his phone in a depressed rage.