Series 4, Episode 1
Centric Character(s): Thomas Tomone
Original Airdate: January 28 2010
Written by: Jamie Brittain
Directed by: Neil Biswas
Episode chronology

"Thomas" is the first episode of Series 4 and the 30th episode overall.

This episode focuses on Thomas Tomone as he begins to question his life and values that he has adopted in Bristol, including his relationship with Pandora Moon, after the death of a clubgoer named Sophia. Feeling alienated from his peers, he turns to reilgion and the African community and, in doing so, isolates everyone around  him.


The gang is at one of Thomas’ club nights and a girl named Sophia, who is on drugs commits suicide in the club, leaving the gang shocked. The club owner and Thomas are interviewed by the police, then the club owner gives Thomas money to keep his mouth shut. Thomas brings Pandora home. He's caught by his mum who has been up all night with Daniel and makes it clear she still doesn't approve of Pandora and British girls.

Thomas tells his mum about the death in the club. He shows her the money he was given, she's disgusted and tells him she doesn't want it. At college Cook tries to reassure Thomas over the death of Sophia, but he makes it clear they aren't friends. When Cook reveals Sophia was out of it, Thomas is suspicious that he dealt the drugs.

The police then arrive at Roundview to interview the students. Emily doesn't understand why anyone is to blame for the girl's death, but the rest of the group is uneasy. Freddie and Effy have broken up over the break and no one knows where Effy is, missing the first day of school. Thomas catches Cook disposing of drugs in the toilets, then they come to blows when Cook mentions Pandora. Thomas meets a girl at his church, they quickly bond and he cheats on Pandora with the girl at the hospital after his brother becomes ill. Pandora then turns up at his flat with JJ. He soon amits to Pandora that he has cheated on her, and she leaves obviously distraught.

Thomas is expelled from Roundview by the school's strict new dean, for 'disfiguring' the image of the school. Thomas then drowns his sorrows at a pub when he sees Cook and Naomi. He begins a fight with Cook, thinking that he has given the girl the drugs. Naomi reveals that she sold the girl drugs although she didn't know her personally and begs Thomas not to tell Emily.

Thomas rents a new house with the money from the club owner because of his brother being ill from the damp at the old flat. Thomas visits Pandora to try and win her back but she rejects him again. It is revealed that Effy is with Pandora staying at her house and she was also the one who advised Pandora not to take Thomas back so soon. Thomas and his family move into their new house. As he's unpacking food, Thomas sheds a tear.

Music Featured in "Thomas"[1]

Note: The music tracks listed below only refer to the music featured in the episode's initial airing. Many of the music tracks featured in this episode have been substituted for alternative tracks for both the US and UK home media release of Series 4.

Ten Thousand Needles - Segal
The Great Procrastinator - Ivan Campo
Djorolen - Oumou Sangare
I Believe In You God - Baraka & Explosive Nzakomba from Gloucester & West End Gospel Choir from London
Every Third Sunday - 6 Day Riot
The Cave - Mumford & sons
Mon Beaux Village - Cast
Down to the river to pray - Adelayo Adedayo
Keep me warm - Ida Maria
Near Town - The Amazing Broken Man
Oh Vanity - Charlatans
Djarrimili - Gurrumul Yunupingo
Foreground - Grizzly Bear
All Dressed in White - Dawn Landes