Skins Wiki
Season 1, Episode 5
Centric Character(s): Stanley Lucerne
Original Airdate: February 14, 2011 (US)
Written by: Mark Hammer (US)
Jamie Brittain (UK)
Directed by: Samir Rehem
Episode chronology

"Stanley" is the fifth episode of Season 1.

Stanley steals his dad's car and faces jail time for grand-theft auto.

Elements of this episode were adapted from the UK episode "Sid", which was written by Jamie Brittain.


Stanley's parents find out about him ditching class and forged excuse notes, and he learns if he misses another class, he would have to repeat the 11th grade. The next day, his patient mom and his crazy father both have different methods of waking him up, which both fail. He misses the bus for school, and "borrows" his dad's old car to just barely make it to class. The gang finds out about Stanley's "new ride" and takes Michelle to Tony's choir recital. At the end of the song, Tony and Tabitha kiss, which angers Michelle. The two girls fight, and Tony offers Michelle to him. Upon taking her home, Michelle believes Stanley was a part of Tony's scheme, and kisses him out of anger and pity. When Stanley goes home for rest, Tony asks him to take him home from Tabitha's mansion. In the car Stan berates Tony on how he always gets Stan in trouble and will not listen to him anymore. Immediately after Tony tells Stan to turn into a military air base, Stan then drives violently over a speed bump and the car starts smoking, at the behest of Tony Stan try's to drive off of the base but the car breaks down and explodes into flames. Stanley gets Grand Theft Auto charges which Mr. Lucerne refuses to sign for, making Stanley have to go to court. Before that, there is a party at the beach and Stanley and Michelle reconcile. Then they dance together when Tony reclaims his girlfriend. Stanley leaves angered. Then the court date approaches and the judge dismisses Stan's case and calls his dad a bastard in the process. When he and his father go home, Stanley finds out that his mom left (she still cares about Stanley, just not his father). Stanley tries to get his dad to fix the situation, but he doesn't. Then they have a heart to heart in their charred vehicle in the garage.