"Pure: Part 1"
Series 7, Episode 3
Centric Character(s): Cassie Ainsworth
Original Airdate: July 15 2013
Written by: Bryan Elsley
Directed by: Paul Gay
Episode chronology
"Fire: Part 2"
"Pure: Part 2"

"Pure: Part 1" is the third episode of Series 7 and the 58th episode overall.

This episode primarily focuses on Cassie Ainsworth as a young adult, taking place around five years after she graduated from Roundview College.

It focuses on Cassie's attempts to resettle in London, having moved there after having spent several years travelling the United States with her ex-boyfriend, Sid Jenkins,[1] while dealing with what she thinks is someone stalking her.


Cassie - last seen fleeing to New York following the death Chris - is now spending her days working in a sweaty London café and her nights in a raucous bedsit.

Life seems to have worn Cassie down a little and she's a less whimsical, more grounded character than the one we knew in 07-08 - the 'Wow' count is at zero, for one thing. She's perhaps a little less enchanting as a result, but also feels more like a real person than she did previously.

Once a hardcore party girl who never met a drug she didn’t like, now she frets about smoking, shuns company and would rather sit in her bedroom alone than head out with work friends. But her self-isolation is ruined when she discovers a website with countless pictures of her in the street and in her room. Yep, Cassie has gotten herself a stalker, and before long she discovers that the chef in the cafe is the one with the camera. At first, she reacts as most people would and kicks the crap out of him, but then she starts to enjoy the attention.