Series 6, Episode 6
Centric Character(s): Nick Levan
Original Airdate: February 27 2012
Written by: Geoff Bussetil
Directed by: Jack Clough
Episode chronology

"Nick" is the sixth episode of Series 6 and the 51st episode overall.

This episode primarily focuses on Nick Levan and his conflicted feelings over Franky Fitzgerald affects how he deals with trying to bring his brother Matty Levan back from Morocco.


Nick's infatuation with Franky - the way he gazed at her in the opening scene; the wonderfully chemistry-filled chemistry lesson; that rom-com style moment as they rush into Franky's house to shelter from the rain together. There's a sense of energy and thrill about the whole thing.

Of course, Franky's determined not to give Nick the impression that he has a slight chance (even though, as the girl Nick sleeps with later says, she's clearly into him too.) This all comes to a head when Matty calls Nick on webcam and urges him to help him get back from Morocco - by paying a large sum of cash to a clearly dodgy man known as The Doctor.

The Doctor's obviously bad news - he works in a place called 'Hammer & Thongs', - and soon he's asking Nick for an extra £1,000 on top of the £2,000 he's already scrambled together. Nick's forced to steal from his father's bank account, especially after none of his friends are interested in helping him or Matty.

Mini and Franky are both adamant that Matty should not be allowed to come back, and they don't come out of it well. Surprisingly, one of the only people who does is Rich, who asks to stay out of it instead of condemning Matty outright.

But the rejection just accelerates Nick's downward spiral - he even pushes past Alex, who offers to help. Franky comes to find Nick in the toilet and he shouts that he wishes he could just forget about her. It's an argument, but it's also really heartfelt - it's almost a shock to see Nick like this. And when he storms out, he stops only to kiss Alex - a move which could be bizarre, but seems to make sense considering his messed-up headspace.

It's not long before Nick discovers that, predictably, The Doctor's stolen his money - and after a punch-up, it's pretty clear he's lost it for good. So when Franky meets him at his house and offers him money to help out (while making sure it's for Nick, not Matty), he laughs and refuses it.

Nick calls Franky "beautiful", she gives in to her feelings for him and they have really romantic sex. While Nick's grinning in the mirror to himself, Franky answers a webcam call from Matty. She doesn't need to say anything - she's answering a call on Nick's laptop, in Nick's room, wearing Nick's shirt. It's such a cold, harsh moment as she glares at him, remains silent and then ends the call.

Music Featured in "Nick"[2]

Ben Howard - Keep Your Head Up
Digital Appalachia - Tear Down The Walls
Johnny Flynn - Lost And Found
Aphex Twin - Jynweythek
Nouvelle Vague - Ever Fallen In Love
F.O.O.L. - We're Not French
Vena Cava - Sleep
Segal - Jambdad
Woolford and Psycatron - Stolen
Mum - Dancing Behind My Eyelids
Ray Mang - Look Into My Eyes
Honour Before Glory - Monochrome In Sunshine
Surgeon - Returning Of The Purity Of The Current
Rich James - Hypno-Ties
King Creosote, Jon Hopkins - Your Own Spell
The Buzzcocks - Ever Fallen In Love