Series 6, Episode 5
Centric Character(s): Mini McGuinness
Original Airdate: February 20 2012
Written by: Jess Brittain
Directed by: Ian Barnes
Episode chronology

"Mini" is the fifth episode of Series 6 and the 50th episode overall.

This episode primarily focuses on Mini McGuinness, who still reeling from Grace's death, attempts to deal with her relationship problems with Alo Creevey and her parents, made more complicated by the fact she is pregnant.


In the beginning of the episode, Alo sneaks into the next toilet cubicle after having sex with Mini to avoid Liv - only to realise a girl was already there...When Mini gets home, we see Mini has been hiding a huge number of positive pregnancy tests in her drawer. Unwilling to acknowledge it, she wasn't dealing with it.

Her pregnancy influences Mini's decision to invite her father back into her life. Throughout, you know Gregory isn't going to win any 'Dad of the Year' awards - he's shifty and evasive and asked: "Mini who?" when she called.

But she's desperate to believe that this time will be different. Gregorys assistant, Ryan also sees an attraction to Mini but keeps away from showing it incase of getting into trouble. When Gregory begins buying her dresses, inviting her to glamorous parties, building a bed for her in his apartment and ridiculously offering to take her to Australia, you're left wondering if perhaps this could stick, after all.

However, after Mini reveals that she's pregnant and begs for his support, Gregory bolts. After this, Mini begins seeing her mother's boyfriend Eric differently - originally, she thinks he's an irritating pervert, but by the end she's embracing him (tellingly, after she's checked that he's planning to stick around).

There's not such a happy ending when it comes to Alo, who misguidedly tells Mini that he loves her after sex. Not knowing if she's genuinely looking for no-strings fun, or if she's too scared to form a connection after Grace's death, but either way, she can't handle it.

Alo eventually gives up chasing her, devastatingly telling her: "I don't think you know how to love anything" just as she's come to visit him in an attempt to apologise.

At the end of the episode, Mini initially refused to look at the scan, determined not to connect with her unborn child (earlier, her mother had said the scan was the moment she knew she'd always love Mini). But she eventually gives in, coupled with tears and then weepy laughter as she stares at her unborn child.

Music Featured in "Mini"[2]

Sarah Leichtenberg - Take My Body
Chewy Chocolate Cookies - Profondo Rosso (Mixhell Remix)
Segal - Glif
Jennifer Rush - Power Of Love
Emika - Drop The Other
Sun Glitters - The Wind Caresses Her Hair (Albert Swarm Remix)
Four Tet - She Just Likes To Fight
Alex Winston - Velvet Elvis
Four Tet - Reversing
PJ Harvey - On Battleship Hill
Pale Sketcher - Can I Go Now (GONE VERSION)
Beck - Stormbringer
Grimes - Crystal Ball
The Deer Tracks - Ram Ram
AlunaGeorge - You Know You Like It
Lonely Galaxy - Heavy
Lanterns On The Lake - I Love You Sleepyhead
Warpaint - Billie Holiday