Season 1, Episode 7
Centric Character(s): Michelle Richardson
Original Airdate: February 28, 2011 (US)
Written by: Maisha Closson (US)
Bryan Elsley (UK)
Directed by: Scott Smith
Episode chronology

"Michelle" is the seventh episode of Season 1.

Michelle has finally caught wind of Tony's cheating ways — no thanks to her friends who have known all along. So Michelle cuts Tony loose and sets off on a social cleanse. After the dust settles, she embraces a new friendship.

Elements of this episode were adapted from the UK episode "Michelle", which was written by Bryan Elsley.


Michelle is suspicious of Tony after he disses her at a rave. She later goes to the clinic to get birth control, but the doctor mistakes her for her mother and gives a full check-up. Meanwhile, Tea tries to have a relationship with Betty. The doctor later informs Michelle that she has Chlamydia. Knowing she did not cheat, she finally realizes that Tony must have been sleeping with someone else. She finds out all of her friends knew and didn't tell her a thing. Stanley confronts Tony, and tries to attack him, but misses and breaks his nose. Michelle seeks help from her promiscuous mother, who tells her not to fall in love. Stanley finds out Cadie is out of rehab, but that she is seeing a new guy. The next day, Michelle finds out Tony cheated on her with Tea when she bumps into her bag and antibiotics to treat Chlamydia fall out. Michelle then goes to Stanley's house and tries to seduce him, but Stan orgasms prematurely and nothing else happens between them. Michelle returns home to see Tea waiting for her, wanting to apologize, but she rejects her, and says it's the first time she's ever seen Tea cry. Later, Michelle rips up all photos of her and Tony and throws them in the hot tub. She invites Tony over to talk, and they have sex. After, she tells Tony to leave and never come back again. Later, Betty is seen walking to the bus station, where she finds Michelle. The two take a trip to Boston together.