"Katie and Emily"
Series 3, Episode 9
Centric Character(s): Katie Fitch & Emily Fitch
Original Airdate: March 19 2009
Written by: Malcolm Campbell & Bryan Elsley
Directed by: Charles Martin
Episode chronology

"Katie and Emily" is the ninth episode of Series 3 and the 28th episode overall.

This episode primarily focuses on Katie Fitch and Emily Fitch as Katie deals with the fallout from Freddie Mclair having sex with Effy Stonem, and with the realization that Emily is no longer the pushover she once was.

Emily, meanwhile, deals with her girlfriend, Naomi Campbell's constant insecurity about coming out, and Katie's constant attempts to control her life.


Emily, disguised as Katie, arrives at college to pretend that her twin sister is returning to school with nine stitches to the head after being hit with a rock by their friend Effy Stonem, who has disappeared. Katie, in reality, is at home, miserable over the loss of her boyfriend Freddie Mclair, who only dated her to spite Effy, his real love interest. She begins to take notice of all the hints in front of her, and realizes that she can no longer hide from herself the fact that Emily is a lesbian. At college, Naomi uncovers Emily's disguise (which had not fooled JJ or Freddie either) and tells her that she plans to spend the summer alone in Cyprus. When Emily tells Naomi that she will miss her, they kiss in an empty corridor and later find themselves at Naomi's house where they have sex. Afterward, Emily asks Naomi to the college ball, but Naomi, still crippled by insecurity over her sexuality, refuses, leaving Emily heartbroken. Emily leaves and at the bus stop meets Thomas, who offers her his shoes and jacket and is unconcerned when she tells him that she is gay. He tries to comfort her but admits that he believes it impossible to stop loving somebody, referring to his ex-girlfriend Pandora. Emily returns home and comes out to her family, telling them that she has been having sex with a girl named Naomi. Her father, Rob, dismisses it as a joke and her mother, Jenna, is speechless, while Katie tries to deny it. She and Emily have a heated argument, leaving Katie crying.

The following morning, Naomi visits the Fitches' house, but Jenna answers the door. She confronts Naomi, convincing her that Emily is not gay and warning Naomi to stay away from her. Naomi too denies her own sexual orientation and leaves hastily. After waking up, Katie and Emily reconcile in their own secret language, and Emily reluctantly agrees to go to the ball with Katie. While shopping for ball gowns, they meet Pandora, who is returning a dress since Thomas has not forgiven her for her infidelity with their friend James Cook. The twins run into Freddie and JJ while trying on dresses. JJ reveals to Emily that he told Freddie that he had sex with her, and Freddie inadvertently tells Katie, who was unaware of this. She guilts Freddie into accompanying her to the ball and volunteers Emily to go with JJ. Later, she is furious with Emily for having sex with JJ without her permission, still insisting that Emily is "not gay, [just] stupid". Katie intercepts one of Naomi's phone calls to Emily and tricks Naomi into meeting with her, where she reveals Emily's affair with JJ and warns Naomi not to come to the ball.

As Katie, Emily, Freddie and JJ prepare to enter the ball, Naomi arrives, announcing that she knows about Emily and JJ's fling before she walks in. An upset Emily leaves. Katie starts a fight with Naomi. Unaware of Emily's presence, she admits her deceit and claims that Emily "deserved it." Infuriated, Emily attacks Katie, wreaking havoc through the entire ball. Emily finally overpowers her sister and raises a fist to punch her, but, after a moment's hesitation, reconsiders and instead helps Katie to stand up, declaring that she is "not her." In front of everybody, Emily tells Katie that she is her own person and that she is in love with Naomi. Katie accepts Emily's individuality and sexuality, and Naomi, no longer ashamed of their relationship, extends her hand to Emily. The couple leaves the ball hand-in-hand and Naomi tells Emily that she loves her too. Meanwhile, Pandora apologizes again to Thomas and he forgives her, re-introducing himself.

Music Featured in "Katie and Emily"[1]

Note: The music tracks listed below only refer to the music featured in the episode's initial airing. Many of the music tracks featured in this episode have been substituted for alternative tracks either for the BBC America airing or for both the US and UK home media release of Series 3.

Lady Gaga – Beautiful, Dirty Rich
Fat Segal – Diver Revive
Lady Gaga – Brown Eyes
Passion Pit – Sleepy Head
Andre Herman Dune – Smalltown Boy
Steve Reich – Music for 18 Musicians
Born Ruffians – Little Garcons
Millionaires – Alcohol
Passion Pit – Better Things
Au Pairs – It’s Obvious
Wilco – Radio Cure
Born Ruffians – Red, Yellow and Blue
Little Boots – Meddle
Louis La Roche – Warning Mass Murder
Phil Collins – In the Air Tonight
Elbow – Mirrorball
Ting Tings – That’s Not My Name
Glen Campbell – All I Want Is You
Glasvegas – It’s My Own Heart That Makes Me Cry