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Series 3, Episode 7
Centric Character(s): JJ Jones
Original Airdate: March 5 2009
Written by: Bryan Elsley
Directed by: Charles Martin
Episode chronology

"JJ" is the seventh episode of Series 3 and the 26th episode overall.

This episode primarily focuses on JJ Jones, who has Asperger syndrome, and his confusion about his life and his desire to be normal, his friendship with Emily Fitch and attempts to solve the dispute between his friends James Cook and Freddie Mclair over their shared love interest, Effy Stonem.


JJ visits his psychiatrist, Dr Felly, seeking help for his recent bouts of rage and his confusion about his life and friends. Dr Felly has poor advice for JJ and simply prescribes him even more drugs to calm him down. As he is leaving, he meets Emily, who came to the clinic to receive counselling in being more honest, but was just prescribed the same drugs as JJ. She comes out to him and he shares with her his longing to be "normal" for a day so that he could lose his virginity and reunite Freddie and Cook. She advises him to just ask for the things he wants, so they visit Freddie to tell him to make up with Cook. At Freddie's house, though, they walk in on Freddie having sex with Emily's twin sister, Katie, and JJ accidentally reveals that Emily is a lesbian, leaving Katie looking visibly shaken. JJ asks Freddie to make up with Cook, but Freddie refuses and tells JJ to choose between him and Cook.

Returning home, JJ sees his mother, Cecilia, asleep yet overwhelmed by all of his issues and blames himself. He calls Cook to tell him how he feels, but Cook is preoccupied with having sex with a girl who JJ assumes is Effy. When he visits Effy, however, she reveals that she has not seen Cook in days. He asks her to leave Freddie and Cook alone; she refuses but offers to be his friend after JJ admits that he loves her. JJ then visits Cook and discovers that he is having sex with their friend Pandora. Pretending not to have seen this, he then confronts Cook about ruining their friendship with Freddie. Cook tells JJ that he loves him and brings JJ with him to buy drugs. They are almost arrested and, after running from the police, JJ pressures Cook into taking his prescription drugs instead before they meet their friends at a club. In the queue, Effy tells Naomi that she knows about Naomi and Emily's relationship. Naomi reveals that she is unsure of her sexuality and realises that Effy is in love with Freddie, not Cook. JJ and Cook arrive and Thomas lets them into the club where British electronica duo You Love Her Coz She's Dead are playing, announcing that Emily is already inside. Cook gets into a fight on the dancefloor and Freddie moves in to help when he discovers that JJ gave Cook his prescription drugs.

Cook, under the influence of JJ's drugs, is compelled to tell the truth and confesses that Effy loves Freddie. Cook says that he loves Effy, but knows his feelings are not reciprocated and that is why he is having an affair with Pandora. Thomas, Pandora's boyfriend, overhears this and is furious. JJ leaves the club and finds a tearful Emily, who does not want to go home to face Katie. JJ invites her to spend the night with him and, after they agree to be friends, she gets him to have sex with her, as a "once-only charity event". JJ's mother meets Emily the next morning and watches them discuss the night before. She is overjoyed that he has made a real friend and believes that JJ will be alright after all.

Music Featured in "JJ"[1]

Note: The music tracks listed below only refer to the music featured in the episode's initial airing. Many of the music tracks featured in this episode have been substituted for alternative tracks either for the BBC America airing or for both the US and UK home media release of Series 3.

Claude Debussy - Claire De Lune – recorded by David McGuiness
Claude Debussy - La Plus Que Letnte – recorded by David McGuiness
Claude Debussy - The Little Shepherd – recorded by David McGuiness
Claude Debussy - Golliwog’s Cakewalk (!) – recorded by David McGuiness
Claude Debussy - The Snow is Dancing – recorded by David McGuiness
Velvet Underground – Sweet Jane
Claude Debussy - Reverie – recorded by David McGuiness
Claude Debussy - Estamps Pagodes – recorded by David McGuiness
Claude Debussy - Nocturne – recorded by David McGuiness
Little Richard – Lucille
Claude Debussy - Nocturne – recorded by David McGuiness
Amy Sawers – Free Like The Sun
Da Hood – Go Go Gurrll
Fat Segal – Cracked Black Pepper
Claude Debussy - Golliwog’s Cakewalk (!) – recorded by David McGuiness
Roisin Murphy – Overpowered
You Love Her Coz She Is Dead – Superheroes - Kitsune Maison
Vitalic – Le Rock 01
DJ Krush – Duck Chase
Claude Debussy - Arabesque 1 – recorded by David McGuiness
Claude Debussy - Claire De Lune – recorded by David McGuiness
Bon Iver – Flume