"Fire: Part 2"
Series 7, Episode 2
Centric Character(s): Effy Stonem
Original Airdate: July 8 2013
Written by: Jess Brittain
Directed by: Charles Martin
Episode chronology
"Fire: Part 1"
"Pure: Part 1"

"Fire: Part 2" is the second episode of Series 7 and the 57th episode overall.

This episode primarily focuses on Effy Stonem as a young adult, taking place around four years after she graduated from Roundview College.

It focuses on her affair with her much older boss, her professional life as a Hedge Fund worker and the secrets she uncovers, and her friendship with Naomi Campbell and Emily Fitch as they try to deal with Naomi's cancer diagnosis.


This second episode documented the lives of Effy, Naomi and Emily in autumn and winter of some unspecified year, and the icy weather matched the miserable goings on very nicely. We start off with Naomi doing quite well at another comedy night – going from big flop to sizeable hit in the intervening months – but Effy is growing tired of her continuing money issues. Can you ask a person with cancer to chip in for the rent? Probably not, but both girls are under the impression that Naomi’s cancer is just a blip in their otherwise fabulous lives.

Effy and boss Jake have developed a fully-fledged relationship since we saw Effy sex away the pain at the end of part one, and people in the office are starting to notice. Sleeping with Jake is nothing compared to the mistakes we’ve seen the girl make in the past, so it’s kind of a shame that it all had to blow up in her face. When she laments to Victoria that she believed their relationship to be real, you believe her, and the connection at least demonstrates the ways in which Effy has grown up since her days of playing with boys’ emotions.

But Jake is in trouble with his investors and encourages Effy to indulge in another round of insider trading to bail him out. Eager to prove that she's more than just a pretty face, Effy toys with the affections of awkward, lovelorn Dom to get her hands on priceless information.

Naomi's health, meanwhile, is failing, cheers up when Emily (who doesn't know of Naomi's cancer) visits from New get the sense that four years and her NY stint have made Emily a more confident figure than the sensitive teenager we once knew.

Naomi insists on hiding the truth from her girlfriend, right up until she's diagnosed as being terminal.

Effy, having blundered up her deals, finally causes good-hearted Dom finally loses his patience, she immediately throws herself at him to win back his favour.

But ultimately, sex can't save her friendship with Dom, or her job, asJake turns his back on her and allows Effy to take the blame for the fraud. Meanwhile, Effy tells Emily about Naomi's condition, and she comes back to London to spend time with Naomi during her (presumably) final days. The slick-but-soulless businessman gets his comeuppance, we're assured, but Effy still faces a long spell behind bars.