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Series 3, Episode 10
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Centric Character(s): Effy Stonem, Freddie Mclair, James Cook, & JJ Jones
Original Airdate: March 26 2009
Written by: Ben Schiffer
Directed by: Simon Massey
Episode chronology
"Katie and Emily"

"Finale" is tenth and final episode of Series 3 and the 29th episode overall.

This episode primarily focuses on the love triangle between Effy Stonem, Freddie Mclair, James Cook, & JJ Jones and how her decision will affect the entire group.


Effy and Cook are in self imposed exile from the rest of the gang. Effy is fed up of running but Cook reveals they’ve arrived where his dad lives. Cook and his dad decide to celebrate in the pub. Meanwhile in Bristol, Anthea bumps into JJ and they talk about Effy. Effy calls Freddie. Freddie and JJ turn up and Cook challenges them in a race. Whoever wins gets to keep Effy. JJ ends up winning the race, so he gets them all in a room to sort out who Effy actually loves. Her eyes linger towards Freddie so Cook storms out. Effy and Freddie then end up having sex. Cook asks his dad if he can leave town with him on his boat but his dad ends up threatening him. Freddie hits Cook's dad over the head before he can hurt Cook. Freddie asks Cook for his permission to be with Effy but Cook won’t and explains he still loves her. Effy, Cook, Freddie and JJ decide to drive the boat back to Bristol. Cook's dad wakes up and Cook pushes him off the boat. The series finishes with Freddie asking “What do we do now?”

Music Featured in "Finale"[1]

Note: The music tracks listed below only refer to the music featured in the episode's initial airing. Many of the music tracks featured in this episode have been substituted for alternative tracks either for the BBC America airing or for both the US and UK home media release of Series 3.

Original Gabber – Pump That Puzzzzy
M Ward – Transfiguration Number One
Department of Eagles – In Ear Park
Dr Hook – Sexy Eyes
Mogwai – Waltz for Aidan
Iron and Wine – Freedom Hangs Like Heaven
Norma Fraser – First Cut Is The Deepest
Laura Marling – Crawled out of the Sea
Brian Jonestown Massacre - The Ballad of Jim Jones
Fleet Foxes – Quiet Houses and Ragged Wood
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – 2 Kindsa Love
Fat Segal – Freddie Theme Redux
Phosphorescent – Joe Tex These Taming Blues
Fat Segal – Imagine This f Forever and Ever
Deerhunter – Twilight at Carbon Lake
The Felice Brothers – Frankie’s Gun