Series 6, Episode 1
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Centric Character(s): Everyone
Original Airdate: January 23 2012
Written by: Bryan Elsley
Directed by: Jack Clough
Episode chronology

"Everyone" is the first episode of Series 6 and the 46th episode overall.

This episode primarily focuses on everyone celebrating a summer holiday in Morocco two weeks before school starts, a place that causes the group dynamic to change forever.


We're straight into Morocco, and Alo, Mini, Liv and Nick are riding motorbikes to the airport to pick up Grace and Rich, however they are briefly left helpless as Alo has not been using a proper map. They then spot an airplane flying overhead and follow it.

The six of them reunion and head back to their villa, which belongs to Rider's dad. On the way, Rich isn't impressed to hear there's no running water or electricity, but Liv announces they found 3oz. of marijuana under the kitchen floor.

Rich is even less impressed, though, when he discovers that he and Grace have been left with the penthouse - in other words, they're on the top floor, with no roof and just a mattress for comfort. But Alo's determined to have a good time and jumps straight into the pool - which hasn't yet been filled up. Mini's furious - she hasn't had a shower for hours and can't do so until the water is turned on. Rider doesn't help matters when he gets even more sleazy than normal, but Mini responds with a punch in the face.

So everyone decides that the best thing to do would be to get a bit high. The mood's shattered when Matty and Franky arrive - having travelled together from Tunisia. They are both arguing heatedly and they have to reacquaint themselves with the group separately.

Franky cheers up and Mini convinces her to apologise to Matty - who is with Alo, Nick, and Rider and is helping Alo shower using bottled water and washing up liquid. Alo just happens to be the unlucky guy in the nude when Mini and Franky turn up to assess the situation.

Mini pushes Franky to make things up with Matty, so she apologizes. But then she proceeds to go on about how annoying and repetitive Matty's behaviour had been on their trip. Her reasoning is that they're in Morocco now and can talk to other people. The tension rises and Matty is visibly hurt.

Later that night, Rich is still being whining about the state of the villa but Grace distracts him by singing romantically and embracing him. Suddenly, they hear dance beats and realise there is a nearby party. Of course, this is too good an opportunity to resist, so the group heads straight over to see what's going on. They soon meet the villa's owner, the mysterious Luke and they're soon having a whale of a time, except for Matty, who can't stop staring longingly at Franky.

Eventually, he can't take it any longer and pulls her away to one side, but Franky isn't really interested in making up, apparently, because while Matty says he thought they had a great time in Tunisia, Franky admits that it got boring. She ends up walking off and finds herself up on the roof alone. She's not alone for long - Luke soon shows up and they begin flirting with each other as the music loudens.

The next morning, Mini wakes up and picks her way through her hungover friends. She figures out how to fill up the pool and as the hose sprays water, she strips off her top and luxuriates in her first proper shower for ages. She wraps herself in a towel and goes to see Alo, who's nicked a phone from Luke's villa because he always steals from people who make him feel "inferior" (by being rich, attractive and sexually active). Mini suggests that he just has sex instead, and when he starts talking about how that won't happen, she seduces him. Meanwhile, a post-coital Rich and Grace begin discussing how happy they've made each other.

Later, the girls are sunbathing and chatting as the boys are messing around in the pool. Matty confides in Nick that he doesn't think Franky can actually do relationships, while Franky stalks off when Grace suggests she should try to make things up with Matty. But there's more trouble ahead - Luke and his friend Jake show up. It turns out that the weed they found actually belongs to Luke, and he owes some cash on it and needs it back. To make up, he invites the group to a beach party.

As the gang dances, a group of guys break into their villa and grab packets and packets of drugs. Down on the beach, Alo and Mini agree to continue their non-romantic relationship as long as nobody finds out, mainly because Mini is embarrassed.

Meanwhile, Matty gives up on his staring contest with Franky, while she goes to sit by herself. Luke soon joins her and charms her by talking about how he feels life as a teenager can be formulatic and predictable. Franky falls for it and the two prepare to leave.

Elsewhere, Jake approaches Matty and says he wants a favour. He reveals Luke's posse has hidden about £6,000 of dope on Matty's truck and he needs him to drive it to Marrakech - over 300km away. Once he's done it, he'll get Franky back from Luke, and if Matty refuses the police will be informed. The two of them get in a brief fight and Matty is left winded.

Meanwhile, Liv goes for a walk with her Moroccan driver Mahmut, who happens to mention that a drug dealer named Luke stashes drugs in empty areas and that he's dangerous. Liv scans her eyes over the beach, and sees Franky leaving with him. She rushes over to stop her, but it's too late - Franky's already in the car and driving away.

Matty sits in the car watching them go, and Grace decides now would be a good idea to get in to talk to him about Franky. But Liv soon arrives, informing Grace of how dangerous Luke is and urging Matty to chase them. The driving gets more and more dangerous, though, and Franky, Liv and Grace are all soon yelling at the drivers to stop. They don't, and Matty's truck sails over a cliff as Rich realises Grace has disappeared. An unconscious Grace ends up face down on the bonnet, while Liv frees herself from the wreckage. Matty looks down at Grace before running away from the wreckage, which has left the hidden drugs strewn all over the place.

Three weeks later, Roundview is beginning again and the gang hear that Grace has been in hospital but that Professor Blood - who's not working at the moment - has forbidden anyone from seeing her. Franky's guilt over her involvement in the accident has isolated her from the group. Nick hasn't heard from Matty since the accident and tells Josie, the careers officer, that even if he had, he wouldn't reveal anything. Nick and Mini talk with each other, and she realises how helpless he is. Later, in the common room, Nick tries to smile at Franky but she turns away, still wracked with guilt. Suddenly, Matty calls him. The ensuing conversation, if there even was one, is left unheard.

Rich tries to hand in Grace's music coursework, which he and Alo finished, but the teacher rejects it as Grace didn't complete it. So, Rich takes the CD and a bouquet of flowers to Grace's hospital, but he is forbiddean entry and so lets one of the nurses deliver his gifts. The nurse plays the CD, which features the song Grace sang to Rich atop the villa in Morocco, while Grace lies still comatose.

The final shot shows Franky silently crying by herself out of guilt.

Music Featured in "Everyone"[2]

Azealia Banks – 212 (feat. Lazy Jay)
The War On Drugs – Baby Missiles
Hanni El Khatib – Build. Destroy. Rebuild.
The Smiths – How Soon Is Now?
H-Kayne – Issawa Style
King Creosote & Jon Hopkins – Your Own Spell
Francoise Hardy - All Because Of You (Performed by Jessica Sula)
Segal - Trainjek Nostril
Nick – Morocco's Festival - Simon & Shaker Teramik Remix
Dark Dark Dark – Wild Goose Chase
Sporto Kantès – Slits
Icarus - Police Academy 6
Adeptus - Copacliasexicalla
Segal - Look Up
Segal - Temper
Segal - Forbidden Balls
Tim Hecker – Chimeras
Venetian Snares - Hand Throw
Scott Matthews – Eyes Wider Than Before
Francoise Hardy - All Because Of You [Performed by Jessica Sula (reprise)]