Season 1, Episode 10
Centric Character(s): Eura Snyder
Original Airdate: March 21, 2011 (US)
Written by: Bryan Elsley
Directed by: Scott Smith
Episode chronology

"Eura" is the tenth and final episode of Season 1 and the final episode of the show.


Tony is in a depression over Tea, and his younger sister, Eura (who doesn't speak) attempts to comfort him. She also seeks attention from her parents by stripping down and pouring yogurt all over herself, but they do not notice. In an attempt to resolve Tony's problems, she tricks everyone into thinking she's been kidnapped and leads them to a concert, where Stanley finds her and tries to take her but is stopped by security. He then gets on the stage and begins to sing, alongside with Cadie. The episode ends with Tony and Eura being brought home by their father and Eura finally speaking, Tea sleeping with Betty at the hospital, where she is getting an ankle operation, Abbud revealing his love to Daisy and the two have sex, Michelle kissing Stanley while Chris stays over at his house.

Full Recap

Tony lies in his bed, thinking about Tea. Tea watches Betty leave work across the street as she smokes a cigarette. Michelle looks out at the scenery as Stanley hands her a drippy ice cream cone. Daisy and Abbud put their clothes back on after last night's hookup and part ways with little emotion. Chris wakes up in the treehouse and cleans himself with wipes. Eura attempts to cheer up Tony by playing a card game with him on his bed. She heads downstairs with an empty breakfast tray as her parents comment on Tony's sudden change in behavior. Her father comments that it freaks him out that Tony is acting so quiet and her mom tries to reason that the two need to talk. Eura attempts to get her parents' attention by stripping down and pouring yogurt all over herself, but they do not notice.

Cadie plays with a small figurine before it putting it away, as instructed by her shrink. She tells him a fantastic story about trying to run off with her boyfriend and being caught at the Swiss border, which amuses her shrink. He asks her why she thinks she's here and she replies that she is here to tell stories. He asks her to tell him a story that is 50% true and she replies that she likes a boy and he likes her back. The shrink muses about which part is true and Cadie replies that she doesn't know since she's crazy. After her session ends, she greets Eura who is sitting out in the waiting room reading a magazine. The shrink informs Eura that he will work on his reports and if she feels like speaking today, she can come in.

Stanley and Michelle talk about Tony and how quiet but somewhat boring it is without him. Stanley kiss Michelle goodbye as he heads off to meet with Daisy for his Creativity project. Michelle calls after him saying that next time he "gets creative", she'd like to see it. Eura shows up and Michelle tells her that it isn't nice to follow people around before Eura digs around in her bag and hands Michelle a note from Tony. Michelle reads the note and sees the sketch of Tea on it, realizing that the note is not for her. Michelle nonchalantly tears up the note and comments on how sad it is that Eura must really love her brother despite the fact that he is a moron. This makes Eura leave with tears in her eyes and she attempts to talk to Tony, who tells her not to come in and that he doesn't want to talk about it. Eura leaves home with some things in a bag, addressing the audience with a look before she takes off.

A realtor shows up to show off Abbud's house and Abbud calls Chris frantically, telling him to get out of the treehouse now as the realtor is there with a potential buyer. The potential buyer climbs up the ladder as Chris attempts to leave, falling off the ladder and onto the ground. Tea gathers up her courage to talk to Betty, who coldly replies that she doesn't get Tea and wants her to leave before she heads off to get her ankle fixed. Daisy listens to Stanley play his guitar and sing a song that he wrote for his music expression assignment. Daisy comments that it isn't very good and Stanley goes off on a tagent, explaining why he needs to get an A on the assignment. Daisy calms him down and asks him about Cadie, to which Stanley irritably replies that he hasn't spoken to her since she started seeing Warren. Daisy tells him to express himself and demonstrates an expressive look before telling Stanley to keep practicing.

Chris and Abbud break into Tina's apartment and decide to crash there for the night. Abbud expresses concerns over his father threatening to send him to a Muslim rehab in Bangladesh for messing up the sale of the house, thanks to Chris. In his rant, Abbud spills that he loves Daisy and Chris acknowledges that both boys are screwed before saying that they should party to forget their woes. Tea calls Tony to apologize for making him want her, making Tony say that he loves Tea. Tea hangs up and Tony is left to think about the exchange, only to be interrupted by an unknown number texting him to say that Eura has been kidnapped against her will. In a panic, Tony checks her room and starts getting dressed to find her. Tea visits Betty who greets her with hostility before inviting her to join her in bed. Tea hesitates and Betty admits that even though she's mad at Tea, she always wants her around. Stanley watches old home videos of him playing with Tony and Michelle as kids. Michelle stands near Stanley's house with chips and a six pack, hesitant to ring the bell. Tony attempts to call Stanley but the calls go ignored. Cadie sends Stanley an IM message to let him know that she is outside his house. Cadie tells him that Warren moved to Wyoming and that they are no longer seeing each other. She asks Stanley if what they have between them is real or not before kissing him. Michelle witnesses the kiss and leaves quickly to avoid being seen. Stanley asks what happens now and Cadie replies that he'll have to figure that out before leaving him to answer his ringing cell phone.

Cadie confronts her shrink at their next meeting and claims that he made her ask Stanley about them, adding that she isn't ready for the truth. The shrink asks her for the worst possible outcome and she thinks about it. Tony shows up at Stanley's house and Stanley replies that no one will talk to him. Tony blurts out that Eura is missing and Stanley gathers everyone at Tina's place. Michelle arrives, disgusted to see Tony until he hands her his phone with the threatening messages on it. At first, she suggests that it could be a joke and Tony replies that Eura doesn't joke. The group tries to decide what to do when another message arrives with a picture, telling the group to come without cops or else. Chris recognizes the symbol in the picture and says that he can take the group there.

The group arrives at a club which is blaring techno music as a screaming crowd jumps to the beat. Tony and the group spread out to look for Eura and Tony ends up being beaten up by an angry fan and his friends. Tea and Michelle come to his rescue and Tea pulls him out of the crowd to check on him. Tony is bleeding and Tea grabs his hand for support before Michelle walks over to them, making them let go. Abbud sees an image on the screen and the group look up to see a brief looping clip of Eura with trashed hair, make-up, and scantily clad dancing to the techno music. Tony freaks out and calls his dad in a panic, trying to get him to hear him over the noise of the music. Tony's dad races out of the house to find his kids, to the surprise of his wife.

Stanley wanders backstage and finds Eura sitting at a table, fully dressed and completely unharmed. He angrily asks her why she would do something like this and she speaks for the first time. She states that he needed to get out of bed at some point and that the real person he trusts and loves is Stanley. She also muses that Tony loves Tea as well. As she plans to leave to head home, Stanley asks her where she stayed last night and Eura points to Cadie. Stanley gets mad at Cadie for agreeing to do this and she explains that she was trying to help a fellow troubled teen out. He demands to know what she wants from him and she tells him to do something unexpected and to go crazy for once. In anger, Stanley picks up Eura and brings her on stage to show Tony that she is safe. Security takes her off the stage, leaving Stanley to lean against a speaker as the crowd booes him. Cadie nods over at the microphone and Stanley gets up to sing Shout, with Cadie accompanying him. Tony looks on in admiration, Michelle watches in astonishment, Cadie goes crowd surfing, and the crowd cheers Stanley on. As Stanley and Cadie sing, Daisy admits that she knows that Abbud loves her. He tries to deny it but is pushed around by the crowd dancing to the music.

Tony's father brings Tony and Eura home and a confused mother asks what's going on. The father explains that the kids were out late and he went off the handle. He grounds both Eura and Tony before sending them to bed. Eura bids her parents goodnight and her shocked parents comment on the fact that she spoke. Abbud tries to explain that Daisy is too good for him and she should dump him. Daisy uses her seductive look and touches Abbud, which encourages him to get cozy with her in that moment. Tea visits Betty, who is asleep at the hospital. Tea pulls off her clothes and sleeps down by Betty's feet in an attempt to connect with her while she recovers. Eura comforts Tony in her room, stroking his head as she looks directly at the camera. Stanley offers to let Chris stay over and sleep in his dad's bed as long as he doesn't get sick. Chris throws up in the yard and Stanley notices Michelle sitting on his front porch. They talk about forgiving Tony and how they want to try to connect. Michelle encourages Stanley to kiss her and they get into it until Chris blurts out that they should party.