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Series 4, Episode 3
Centric Character(s): James Cook
Original Airdate: February 11 2010
Written by: Ben Schiffer
Directed by: Philippa Langdale
Episode chronology

"Cook" is the third episode of Series 4 and the 32nd overall.

This episode primarily focuses on James Cook and his attempts to deal with the relationship between Effy Stonem and his best friend Freddie Mclair along with the possibility of going to jail for assault.


Cook's in prison, after beating someone up at the party in front of 80+ people. His legal aid lawyer Duncan tells him he's got no choice but to plead guilty. Cook decides he'd rather plead not guilty and go to trial. He's fitted with an electronic tag and told he must stay indoors between 7pm and 7am. And the address he's stuck at turns out his mum Ruth is a hugely successful and famous artist. But living back at 'home' leaves Cook feeling trapped. Cook heads out, walking his brother Paddy to his posh private school and scaring a couple of bullies. He heads to college and comes face to face with Effy and Freddie as a couple. You also see that Emily and Naomi still together as a couple, but it shows that they are very distant.Professor Blood comes along and Cook is expelled. Cook heads over to Naomi's. Naomi tells him she slept with Sophia then tells Cook it's time he deals with the guilt but Cook swaggers off in denial. Cook tells his lawyer Duncan that the court should learn about all the shit he's gone through and taunts him by telling him he's a rubbish lawyer and his mum thinks he should get a real one. Duncan tells him to grow up and Cook storms out. Cook heads over to his mum's exhibition and they bond over a work called 'All my cocks', until Cook notices Freddie's name on the work. He has a panic attack and destroys his mum's new installation by accident. Cook then decides to apologize to Shanky who he beat up. He asks him to help him out but Shanky tells him no chance. Freddie admits that he got a blow job from Ruth on his 15th birthday. Cook lets him know he's taken the one girl he's ever loved. Freddie tells him what he did to JJ and tells Cook he can end this. Cook discovers his little brother's been in trouble with the police because he wants to be like him. Ruth flips. Cook boils over, leaving the house after 7pm and taking his brother with him. Taking his mum's car they trash it, and then he gives his brother some weed. It's then he sees what an impact his behaviour is having on his little brother and he heads over to Naomi's. As they talk about everything that's happened, Cook and Naomi get close and start to kiss but both admit nothing will ever happen between them. As Naomi is in love with Emily and Cook with Effy. Cook tells Duncan he's choosing him to represent him. They talk about everything - Cook stealing Effy, then Panda... then he tells him why he lost it at Shanky. He then he realises what he has to do. Cook then tells the police he sold Sophia the MDMA. Effy then visits Cook and tells him she loves Freddie. As she leaves Cook asks her to give a message to JJ. Cook pleads guilty in court and has to go to prison. As he's taken away, Effy catches his eye and she just nods her head.

Music Featured in "Cook"[1]

Note: The music tracks listed below only refer to the music featured in the episode's initial airing. Many of the music tracks featured in this episode have been substituted for alternative tracks for both the US and UK home media release of Series 4.

Health - Die Slow
The Clash - Police and Thieves
Motor Head - Ace of Spades
Segal - One Word
The Deadly Syndrome - Emily Paints
The Drums - Let's Go Surfing
Francois & The Atlas Mountain - Royan
Skallywags - Paint Old Street Blac
Segal - Relentless
Norah Jones - Come Away
Thin Lizzy - The Boys are Back in Town
Segal - Century
Simon Says No - Shiver
Segal - Ethering Bridges
UNKLE - Heavy Drug Surrender Sound Remix
Buff Medways - Troubled Mind