Season 1, Episode 4
Centric Character(s): Cadie Campbell
Original Airdate: February 7, 2011 (US)
Written by: Monica Padrick (US)
Bryan Elsley (UK)
Directed by: Samir Rehem
Episode chronology

"Cadie" is the fourth episode of Season 1.

Cadie is released from the hospital, but it's clear she is not cured.

Elements of this episode were adapted from the UK episode "Cassie", which was written by Bryan Elsley.


Cadie's life is a mess; she's ignored by her parents and constantly sent to doctors to be given more drugs to treat a variety of mental illnesses (depression, anxiety, pathological lying, and obsessive-compulsive disorder). When Cadie attempts to bond with her father, she ends up fantasizing about killing him. Stanley calls Cadie in order to trick her into bringing all her pills to Michelle's party, saying it would be their date -- however, at the party Cadie is ignored by Stanley, who is still in love with Michelle; Stanley confesses to Michelle that Tony has been lying about Cadie and Stanley sleeping together. Cadie attempts to connect with the others in the group but ultimately fails; Eura doesn't speak to her, Abbud is only interested in pills, Chris says Cadie just needs to show more skin, and Tea confesses that Cadie is just being used by Stanley. As the party continues, Cadie is pursued by Michelle's mother's boyfriend; she eventually gives in to his advances and the two begin to have sex, but are interrupted by Stanley. Stanley tells Cadie that he cares about her, but Cadie leaves angrily, feeling that everyone has disappointed her. The episode ends with Cadie chasing away pigeons (which terrify her) and going home, where she lies on her bed, deeply depressed. She ends up taking her pills like her mother tells her to and states, "See? I'm happy." Meanwhile, Tony continues to pursue Tea; Tea once again rejects him, telling him to just leave her alone. Cadie overhears and confronts Tony about this, telling him that he can't just keep doing whatever he wants.