Series 6, Episode 3
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Centric Character(s): Alex Henley
Original Airdate: February 6 2012
Written by: Jack Lothian
Directed by: Samuel Donovan
Episode chronology

"Alex" is the third episode of Series 6 and the 48th episode overall.

This episode primarily focuses on new Roundview student Alex Henley, who eventually strikes up a friendship with the gang (especially Liv Malone), who are still reeling from Grace Violet's death, and who come to feel that he is trying to replace Grace in their group.

Plot [1]

Alex, a new character, has a reason to behave in such a very risky way beyond being lazy and saying: "That's just the way he is." He's dealing with trouble at home, caring for his grandmother with dementia while his father stays away; returning only to scold him and give him money.

He's supposed to be packing his Gran's belongings so she can move to a home, but he can't bring himself to do it. She cares about him, which is more than can be said for his dad.

It's not long before he's finding himself in trouble, thanks to his quirk of rolling a die and choosing an action from a card. Reading that he has to punch the next person that enters the cafeteria, Alo ends up getting punch by him and Liv gets intrigued by him.

Liv's having a tough time after Grace's death. She's not talking to Mini, who's really struggling. Although Liv slaps Alex when he rolls the die and kisses her, she's really grateful for the distraction.

Afterwards, Liv meets Alex's grandmother. The pair later get into a sticky situation in a dodgy gambling den, and after rolling the die, they break into a stranger's home and clean it up for him.

The rest of the group aren't so taken with Alex - when they meet at the pub, Nick makes an effort, but Mini's grief-stricken and can't do much more than down shots and dance, but Liv's falling for her new friend.

Subsequently, we see Alex is gay as he is shown in a sex scene with another male; which also happens to provide more evidence of Alex's devil-may-care attitude. When his 'date' offers him money, he complains that until that moment everything had been "meaningless".

Later, when an student at college announces plans for a Grace memorial, Liv snaps that they're not going, and Mini replies that she doesn't get to decide for all of them. What's more, she accuses Liv of not caring about Grace - she's always with Alex, after all.

Liv sobs about Grace in the bathroom, but when Alex comes to comfort her and she kisses him - emotions all over the place - he's forced to tell her he's gay. Liv, who's already heartbroken enough, is furious. Mini sees the whole thing and hisses that they don't want or need Alex. Alex runs home upset, only to find that his grandmother has committed suicide.

Liv and Mini are by no means friends again, but they - along with Franky - attend the memorial. Infuriated by the faux-grief on show, Franky screams at the organizer. And Liv, angry about people taking photos on their phones, gives them something to remember by flashing them.

Afterwards, Alex calls Liv to apologize and invites everyone to the harbour where he rented a boat. As they sail, Franky, Nick and Alo drown their sorrows, while Alex urges Liv to make it up with Mini. Unfortunately, Mini can't talk to Liv: "Even if I did [want to], I can't. Not without her here."

Things take a stranger turn when they discover that Alex has brought his dead grandmother along. He wants to bury his Gran at sea - her husband was a sailor, and before the boys tip the coffin into the water, Alex reads a postcard from him, making this an emotional moment for the resto of the gang, as everyone cries, remembering Grace. Franky later called Matty, angrily telling him never to return.

After rolling the die, Liv and Alex make up and jump into the sea together.

Music Featured in "Alex"[2]

Mike Simonetti – The Third Of The Storms (feat. Sam Sparro)
The Secret Sisters – The One I Love Is Gone
Mariachi El Bronx – My Love
Bonnie Prince Billy - Is It The Sea?
Segal - Headroll Federal Deal
Segal - Punishing Cake
Segal - Big sky
Nguzunguzu - Mirage
Soft Moon – Tiny Spiders
Jack Blanchard – Lonely Bell
S. Carey – Broken
Council Estate Supermodels – Keep Smiling
Death In Vegas – Your Loft My Acid - Fearless Transhouse Mix Long
Death In Vegas – Your Loft My Acid
Akron/Family – One Spring Morning
The Rapture – How Deep Is Your Love?

Metronomy - The Look