Season 1, Episode 6
Centric Character(s): Abbud Siddiqui
Original Airdate: February 21, 2011 (US)
Written by: Matt Pelfrey (US)
Simon Amstell & Ben Schiffer (UK)
Directed by: Scott Smith
Episode chronology

"Abbud" is the sixth episode of Season 1.

The kids take a class trip to the wilds of Canada, where Abbud tries to hook up with Tea.

Elements of this episode were adapted from the UK episode "Maxxie and Anwar", which was written by Simon Amstell & Ben Schiffer.


The group (minus Cadie) takes a class trip to Canada and into the woods for a nature retreat. At the border, Stanley smuggles weed in by shoving it up his butt. Stanley later claims that his butt "swallowed it up further", annoying and amusing everyone. Meanwhile, in Canada, Dave (a teacher) continuously attempts to hook up with Tina. In an attempt to arouse her, he doesn't watch the road but ends up hitting a moose. He tries to kill it humanely, but it gets up unharmed after a few moments. Throughout the trip, Abbud sees a "psycho killer" in the woods. In the teacher's tent, Chris tells Tina he loves her, and they kiss. Later, in order to get high, the guys eat wild mushrooms and lick a toad, but it only causes them to throw up everywhere. Abbud tries to kiss Tea, but she insists that she only likes girls. He later finds Tea and Tony having sex in a shed, and feels betrayed. The next morning he and Tea begin to talk at the top of a courage pole. Abbud begins yelling at Tea, calling her a "fake" and "not a real lesbian", and stands up, causing him to fall. He has minor injuries and is taken to the hospital, after apologizing to Tea. Minor Subplot: Michelle is frustrated that Tony is losing interest in her.